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Czech Cabri portal

Portal for computer assisted instruction of geometry, especially with Cabri Geometry, serves as a support for czech teachers. Contain (mostly in czech): about Cabri/Cabri3D, basic interactive course of using Cabri, methodology for teachers and a collection of examples (many topics), some tutorials (how to create and handle with Cabri appletts). A lot of CabriJava appletts and downloadable FIG files of many topics (geopmetry and applications). The web contains also a small library of mathematical, methodological and technical articles about using Cabri in education.

Cette resource est la copie d'une trace de la première étape d'intergeo

Cette resource vient de Czech Cabri portal? qui mentionne 300 constructions.

  • Système de géométrie: Cabri.
  • Pays: cz
  • Niveau d'enseignement: secondary and high school
  • Sujet principal: Geometry (other topics)
  • Autres thèmesgeometrical applications (algebra, physics, modelling)

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