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Leah Wener Log October

Leah Wener is the WLC volunteer serving with the Earth Charter ( in Stockholm. Again, info excerpted from her monthly report.

Recap of the month?s events:

Recap of the month?s events A very exciting month: I arrived in Stockholm September 14, started work September 18, and was in Amsterdam for the EC Council meetings September 29 ? October 4. The office, which was in frenzied meeting preparation when I arrived, has calmed down significantly. Since the meeting, we have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time de-briefing and re-orienting. Last week, we had a full day planning session with our Sweden affiliate, Green Cross Sweden; yesterday, I had my second meeting with a group of students in a social entrepreneurship class who have elected to propose a social venture around the Earth Charter.

Specific examples of the impact of your service:

  • I have set up a new calendar system for the office and the whole EC initiative that is part of the larger plan to increase communications in and out of the Stockholm/Costa Rica offices and between affiliates. Using the Google calendar system, I?ve created five calendars for ECI: an internal office calendar that will strengthen the connection between Costa Rica and Stockholm; an EC Initiative calendar to promote awareness of affiliate action locally; an ECI event calendar to publicize conferences that the secretariat organizes; an ECI speakers conference to highlight executive staff or council member appearances; and a calendar of important events in the sustainable development world that will serve the community as a source of information, and the office by drawing attention to forums in which we can have a high impact.
  • I participated in the two-day planning session for the EC Youth Initiative in Amsterdam and was involved in creating a cohesive YI vision statement and updating the plan of action.
  • I have mapped out the key players in the French sustainable development world in database form.
  • I have created a database of possible sources of funding.
Earth Charter-specific update: Everything is really revolving around the Earth Charter. Alan and I had a long planning meeting last Thursday to discuss and refine my role and job responsibilities. We?ve decided that I will be spending about 50% of my time working on Youth Initiative-related programs. I will also be heavily involved in/somewhat in charge of the development of the new communications systems. This includes, but is not limited to, the calendars, email updates to subscribers of a daily/weekly ?digest,? frequent blogging on my part, and monitoring the blog activity of the other staffers (including you, Kat ? Alan wants to make a link from your blog to the EC site). Additionally, I will work on research projects as assigned, further develop the fundraising contacts database, and provide light administrative support to Alan and Lisa.

Curriki-specific update: As mentioned above, the office is focusing on increasing communications throughout the EC Initiative. This is a specific priority for the Youth Initiative, where the current structure is quite loose and decentralized. In Amsterdam, we decided that we should not completely transform this network; it is important that it remain localized and action-based. However, we do want to develop a greater flow of information between affiliate groups, and the sharing of ?stories? ? examples of the Earth Charter in action, best practices, etc. to further encourage the feeling of one global network. The youth representatives in Amsterdam reacted positively to the idea of using Curriki as a platform for some of this exchange. My idea at this point is to create a curriculum for incorporating the Earth Charter into local youth groups. This could include course sections focused on different challenges and types of groups, as well as Earth Charter training resources in many languages. One of the attractive components of Curriki for this project is also the space for comments, reactions, and questions from ECYI activists (and others outside the network) that can accompany the different guides and stories.

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