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Bridge to College Mathematics

Use the links below to access SMARTHINKING mathematics courses on Curriki.

Number Sense and Operations A
Topics: Natural Numbers (Whole numbers) & Integers, Operations with Decimals, Operations with Fractions, Properties of Real Numbers (rational & irrational), Number line, Percents, Ratios & Proportions, Scientific Notation

Measurement A
Topics: Natural Numbers (Whole numbers) & Integers, SI units of mass, Non SI units of mass, Units of time, Non SI units of length, SI units of length

Geometry A
Topics: Lines (parallel & perpendicular), Cartesian coordinates, Congruent Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Similarity, Angles

Number Sense and Operations B
Topics: GCD, LCM, Prime Numbers (prime factorization), Divisibility, Additive/Multiplicative identities & inverses, Square Roots, Exponents, Order of Operations

Algebra A
Topics: Recursive Patterns, Solving Linear Equations, Graphing Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities, Modeling with Linear Functions, Algebraic Expressions

Data Analysis and Probability A
Topics: Histograms - Frequency Distributions, Measures of Central Tendency, Stem and Leaf, Box Plots (paired)

Measurement B
Topics: Perimeter, Area, Volume, Surface Area, Circumference, Arcs, Angles radian ~ degrees, Velocity, Density, Unit analysis (derived measurements & problem solving strategies)

Algebra B
Topics: Algebraic Fractions, Radical Equations, Solving quadratic equations (factoring / quadratic formula / complete square), Quadratic Inequalities, Polynomial functions (graphs), Roots of Polynomials, Rational Functions

Geometry B
Topics: Circles, Area, Modeling with Area, Pythagorean Theorem, 45/45 & 30/60 Right Triangle Ratios, Modeling with Volume, Volume, Perimeter

Measurement C
Topics: Significant Digits

Algebra C
Topics: Composition of functions, Logarithmic functions, Systems of Linear Equations, Exponential Functions, Inverse Functions

Number Sense and Operations C
Topics: Vectors, Matrices, Permutations & Combinations, Complex Numbers

Geometry C
Topics: Translations & reflections in the plane, Rotations in the plane, Navigational coordinates & Polar coordinates, Intersection of Planes, Vertex-Edge graphs

Data Analysis and Probability B
Topics: Scatter plots, Measures of dispersion (spread), Best Fit - linear, Best Fit - quadratic, Sample spaces - Tree Diagrams, Probability simple events

Data Analysis and Probability C
Mutually exclusive / complimentary events, Probability (addition rules) - union, Probability (conditional), Probability (multiplication rules) - (non)independent events, Probability Distributions Random Variables, Process Control