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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

To see this page with a horizontal scroll bar, click here. do not change this link for I2GFormat/ImplementationsTable, it doesn't work > Symbols appear in all tables sorted in the same order as in the File Format Symbols page?.

I2G Format : Implementation Table


 to be implemented(leave blank)
XXXdoes not exist in DGSinput XXX
xxxonly subelements can be implementedinput xxx
tbdx.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r needs to be tested with the corresponding test caseinput tbd in front
fffx.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r cannot read the element/constraint technicallyinput fff in front (as in fail)
iiix.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constraint technically - without throwing exceptions etc. - so it can at least be ignoredinput iii in front (as in ignored)
?x.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constaint and represent it internally, though maybe with wrong or missing semanticsinput ? in front
!x.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constraint and represent it internally with the correct semanticsinput ! in front


Necessary for support of the intergeo_elements symbols is that a symbol can be interpreted as a concrete instance of a certain type of mathematical object and that a visualization of this instance can be made. Also, an instance of such an object within the software must be available to be exported to (an) OpenMath (compatible) representation of the instance. The parsing of abstract relations to other objects is not necessary for this level of conformance.

See also:

Symbol Name++I2G Version++++Cabri II Plus++++Cinderella++++GeoGebra++++G?m?rix++++JSXGraph++++TracenPoche++++WIRIS++++Geoplan++
point++1.00.20080731++xxx!build 1114!!june 2010xxxxxxxxxxxx
->homogeneous_coordinates++1.00.20080731++xxx!build 1114!!june 2010xxxxxxxxx?june 2010
->->double++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a
!build 1114! !0.76!3.x!July 2009!june 2010
->->complex++1.00.20080731++iii 1.5a
!build 1114? iii0.76fff-xxx!june 2010
->euclidean_coordinates++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a
!build 1114!!june 2010!0.76!3.x!July 2009! june 2010
->polar_coordinates ! 1.5a!build 1114!!june 2010!0.76?3.xxxx?june 2010
line++1.00.20080731++xxx!build 1114!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
->homogeneous_coordinates++1.00.20080731++xxx!build 1114!xxxxxxxxxxxx?june 2010
->->double++1.00.20080731++ !build 1114! tbd0.75!3.x!July 2009!june 2010
->->complex++1.00.20080731++ !build 1114!  fff-xxx!june 2010
line_segment ! 1.5a ! !0.80!3.x!July 2010!june 2010
directed_line_segment   !  ?3.xxxx!june 2010
ray ! 1.5a   ! xxx!june 2010
polygon ! 1.5a   !  !june 2010
vector ! 1.5a   !?3.x !june 2010
conic ! 1.5a     !Jan 2010xxx
ellipse        xxx
circle ! 1.5a   !0.80!3.x!Jan 2010!june 2010
parabola ! 1.5a      xxx
hyperbola ! 1.5a      xxx
locus++1.00.20100426++! 1.5a     xxx!june 2010


See also:

Symbol Name++I2G Version++++Cabri II Plus++++Cinderella++++GeoGebra++++Géométrix++++JSXGraph++++TracenPoche++++WIRIS++
extended intersections1.0       
free_point++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a
!build 1114!!June 2010!0.76!3.x!Jan 2010
free_line++1.00.20080731++  ? ?tbd0.75!3.xXXX
point_on_line++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a !!June 2010!tbd0.75!3.x!Jan 2010
point_on_line_segment1.00.20100426  ?!June 2010 !3.x!Jul 2010
point_on_circle1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
line_through_point++1.00.20080731++  ! ?0.80XXXXXX
line_through_two_points++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a!build 1114!!June 2010!!3.x!July 2009
line_angular_bisector_of_three_points++1.00.20080731++  !!June 2010!?3.x 
line_angular_bisectors_of_two_lines++1.00.20080731++  ! !tbd0.75XXX 
line_segment_by_points1.00.20100426  !!June 2010 !3.x!Jul 2010
directed_line_segment_by_points1.00.20100426  ?  ?3.xXXX
ray_from_point_and_vector1.0      XXX
ray_from_point_through_point1.00.20100426   !August 2010!!3.xXXX
polygon_by_vertices1.0   !August 2010!  
vector_from_point_to_point1.0   !August 2010!  
line_parallel_to_line_through_point++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a!build 1231!!June 2010?tbd0.75!3.x!July 2009
line_perpendicular_to_line_through_point++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a!build 1231!!June 2010!tbd0.75!3.x!July 2009
point_intersection_of_two_lines++1.00.20080731++! 1.5a!build 1231 !June 2010!tbd0.75 !July 2009
midpoint_of_two_points1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
endpoints_of_line_segment1.00.20100426      !Jul 2010
midpoint_of_line_segment1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
starting_point_of_directed_line_segment1.00.20100426      XXX
end_point_of_directed_line_segment1.00.20100426      XXX
line_segment_of_directed_line_segment1.00.20100426      XXX
vector_of_ray1.0      XXX
starting_point_of_ray1.00.20100426      XXX
carrying_line_of_ray1.00.20100426      XXX
circle_by_center_and_radius1.00.20100426    ! !Jul 2010
circle_by_center_and_point1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
circle_by_three_points1.00.20100426   !June 2010! !Jul 2010
intersection_points_of_two_circles1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
other_intersection_point_of_two_circles1.00.20100426    !!3.x!Jul 2010
intersection_points_of_circle_and_line1.00.20100426   !June 2010!!3.x!Jul 2010
other_intersection_point_of_circle_and_line1.00.20100426    !!3.x!Jul 2010
circle_tangent_lines_by_point1.00.20100426   !June 2010! !Jul 2010
foci_of_conic1.00.20100426      XXX
center_of_circle1.00.20100426   !June 2010! !Jul 2010
locus_defined_by_point_on_line1.00.20100426     iii3.x (mover = point_on_)XXX
locus_defined_by_point_on_line_segment1.00.20100426     iii3.x (mover = point_on_)XXX
locus_defined_by_point_on_circle1.00.20100426     iii3.x (mover = point_on_)XXX
locus_defined_by_point_on_locus1.00.20100426      XXX
locus_defined_by_line_through_point1.00.20100426      XXX
symmetry_by_point1.00.20100519   !August 2010 ?3.x (points) 
symmetry_by_line1.00.20100519! 1.5a  !August 2010 ?3.x (points) 
symmetry_by_circle1.00.20100519     ?3.x (points) 
translate1.00.20100519   !August 2010   

Note: GeoGebra only treats constraints stored in their acyclic representation


See also:

Symbol Name++I2G Version++++Cabri II Plus++++Cinderella++++GeoGebra++++Géométrix++++JSXGraph++++TracenPoche++++Wiris++
label++1.00.20080731++?1.5a    !3.x (points) 
background-color (global)1.00.20100426     !3.x 

Observe that background-color is not a style like the others; it affects the whole view, instead of just one element.