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Test files can be found at the SVN server,
Go to the constraints tests section in this page.
Go to the display tests section in this page.

I2G Format : Test Suite : Elements


 to be implemented(leave blank)
XXXdoes not exist in DGSinput XXX
xxxonly subelements can be implementedinput xxx
tbdx.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r needs to be tested with the corresponding test caseinput tbd in front
fffx.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r cannot read the element/constraint technicallyinput fff in front (as in fail)
iiix.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constraint technically - without throwing exceptions etc. - so it can at least be ignoredinput iii in front (as in ignored)
?x.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constaint and represent it internally, though maybe with wrong or missing semanticsinput ? in front
!x.y.z.rversion x.y.z.r can read the element/constraint and represent it internally with the correct semanticsinput ! in front

Test Case for Points


Element++Test Version++++Cabri II Plus++++Cinderella++++GeoGebra++++GeoPlan++++GeoSpace++++JSXGraph++++TracenPoche++++Wiris++++Geometrix++
Point with id A++1.02.20090712++!1.5a!build 1114!  !0.76   
Point with id B++1.02.20090712++!1.5a!build 1114!  !0.76   
Point with id C++1.02.20090712++!1.5a!build 1114!  !0.76   
Point with id D++1.02.20090712++iii1.5a!build 1114!  !0.76   
Point with id E++1.02.20090712++!1.5a!build 1114!  !0.76   
Point with id F++1.02.20090712++!1.5a!build 1114!  iii0.76   
Point with id G++1.02.20090712++iii1.5a!build 1114?  iii0.76   
Test Case++1.02.20090712++iii1.5a!build 1114?  iii0.76   

Test Case for Lines

soon… ;-)

I2G Format : Test Suite : Constraints

I2G Format : Test Suite : Display