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A line_segment is the part of a line delimited by two points. To construct it, just provide the two points.

Optionally, a line_segment can contain a third point, the "via point", which is used to specify whether the segment "goes to infinity" or not; that is, line_segment(A,B,C) is the segment that starts at A, ends at B, and goes through C. C could be any point on the line which contains A and B. For instance; abusing notation, line_segment((0, 0), (0, 2), (0, 1)) would represent the ”normal segment" from (0, 0) to (0, 2), while line_segment ((0, 0), (0, 2), (0, 10)) would represent the segment that starts at (0, 0), goes to (0, -∞), and then continues from (0,∞) to (0, 2).


  1. line_segment example: source JSXGraph
  2. Extraction of segment endpoints: source JSXGraph
  3. extended intersections example: source JSXGraph