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Creative Commons

The Creative Commons initiative has proposed a handful of licenses that are easy to choose, endorse, and report about. These licenses are first presented with a short description of rights which is multinational and attached to a legal text for each juridiction. Most of the creative commons licenses in version 2 have been translated to many juridictions.

A simple choice of licenses can be made on the web.

Creative Commons uses logos to mark visually all work. This can be found often on the bottom of slides, for example.

Here are three most common creative commons licenses:

  • for humanity confidents: CC public-domain?: means that you allow redistribution of anyone under any license they want.
  • for fully-shareable distribution: CC Attribute-Sharealike which allows anyone to redistribute your work, mix it, change it, include it etc… but the work must remain under the same license
  • for slightly fearful publishers: CC Attributions-NoDeriv-NonCommercial: basically only allows redistribution in same form (and under same license) outside of commercial activities
There are many variants to such licenses. Please see the choice menu.

How to Apply the License

Basically, a license is a side text, something that is close to the content but not necessarily it. Although it is not a practice on the web, everytime you have some document in the hands, you should have a license around, i.e. you should know you are allowed to hold it.

Creative Commons proposes a few RDF-statements to state the license application for HTML-like documents.

In Intergeo, the license is going to be part of the submission process within the metadata input and will be included in web-pages and all other deliverables as much as possible trying to follow standardized practice.

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