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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

About Contributing

First of all, be assured that your personal data will not be shared with anybody unless you voluntary make the choice to let others see them. You will not receive spam because of you participation in intergeo. So, in order to contribute, Become a member!

Tutorial: Contributing Basics

Contributing on I2geo

  • Publish your best resources for the world to see and use, not only your own creations but as well colelctions of interesting resources put together, organizing is valuable!

     » Add a Resource

How to Contribute

Login or become a member to add or create curriculum on I2geo.

Add Your Best Curriculum

If you have teaching and learning resources that you’d like to share with the global education community, add them into the I2geo repository.

Create a Resource

No wiki knowledge required! It’s easy to create instructional materials on I2geo: use a form to enter and format your content.


  • You can also contribute by adding materials to an existing curriculum collection: look for the "Build Up" link.

  • Notes to authors

    You have some great piece of learning material such as interactive geometry figures or text using interactive geometry and you want to show it to the world? Intergeo is here for you. You should keep in mind that your resource, as perfect as it can be, is only at its beginning, it has to be found and nurtured by loving teachers who will take care of it and adapt it to their students, who may not have the same language as you, not the same cultural background. Therefore here are a few tips for a better accessibility and reusability of your resource:

    • First, slice it fine, don't put a monolith of a resource,
    separate its different parts into small pieces, a bare interactive geometry file in its naked beauty is the most reusable piece of your resource!
    • Write it for someone, whether your colleagues, whether
    your students, maybe a way to present it to a teacher, and another presentation for the average learner, a simple text file.
    • Then wrap them all up in a collection or a suitable
    lesson plan.
    • Create patchworks! With small bits here, small bits
    there, a plain text page from your own writing, build new compounds for colleagues just like yourself to enjoy.

    If you have a large amount of resources that you want to share, and that it seems too big a task to slice it up to individual resources, tell us, we can help!