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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

Interconnections of Intergeo

Content Providers

Content providers have existed since before the start of the Inter2geo European project. One of the goals of this project has been to bring in one space the contributions of these providers speaking a common set of annotations so as to be catalogued completely.

MatheVital is a collection of mathematical discovery texts about linear algebra, analytic and kleinian geometry, with all constructions realized as dynamic geometry. All resources of MatheVital until end of 2010 have been incorporated in i2geo.

MatheVital resources are organized in courses while resources in i2geo are organized by topics, levels, and contributors. Most of the MathVital resources have been uploaded as separate files for immediate playability and best re-usability.


The Geomouse project at provides material in German, Italian and French for teaching geometry from grade 7 to 10. It originates from a swiss initiative for good teaching practises using ICT.

From you have easy access to the exercises and constructions and you can find the suitable material for your teaching and learning situation.

GeoGebra Wiki

We also give a structured access to material that is in the GeoGebra Wiki at Material there has been provided by the users of the open source software and covers almost all topics in mathematics education of secondary school. On you can add your classroom experience and use the quality questionnaire to add valuable information for other users.

Community Spaces

The resources described above have all been available on the web. Their contribution into allows them to be stored in a stable uniquely-visible place among dynamic geometry files. The URLs that i2geo has allocated for each of them are long lived and can be exchanged safely. Only a deletion of the resource by its contributor or an administrator can invalidate it.

This allows i2geo resources to be linked from many places on the web including web spaces and community links


You can link to the Intergeo community by visiting the fan page on Facebook.


Using the RSS standard, we provide easy access to the latest updates on

In the future we intend to also plug into twitter microblogs and to allow for finer-grained streams (e.g. those of my interest, those for this search request).

Other Learning Repositories

There are currently many different platforms that host and deliver educational content, in particular for science and mathematics education, for example Nauk, GnuEdu or UniSciel.

We offer an easy way to export resources on in a suitable form for metadata-aware integration into these platforms using LOM export. See About Metadata for an explanation of how to use this feature.

For the future we might implement an extra harvesting protocol (OAI, SQI...), if this is required for better integration with other platforms.

Linking with

Links to resources are guaranteed to be long-lived, that is, you can rest assured that links to resources will stay valid even if the resources changes. This enables teachers and researchers to reference the resources in lesson plans, forums or other places.

Links to

A list of all links to the general of the Intergeo platform and project can be seen in weblinks.

Search Robots

Search robots index the Intergeo platform very well. They do so from a sitemap produced by the underlying infrastructure (available here, please be patient as this page is slow to deliver). This allows the search engine to be quickly informed of the changes in the platform even if some resources might be several clicks away from the home page. content is indexed at least in:

Using Resources in own Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Many schools and Universities use custom LMS for their teaching. In order to include content from we recommend to use links to the online version. If you need to export content from into your system via SCORM, please contact us.