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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

Goals of the Local User Meetings

The local user meetings have a central role in gathering the community of practice. They intend to help providing a complete European coverage. The objectives of the Local User Meetings are:

  • Present Intergeo
Those meetings need to present Intergeo to the users: The need of a common file format for interoperability, the need of a web platform to share ressources, the need of the ontology and the curriculum mapping to share resources across all European countries.

  • Collect new users and new figures
The Local User Meetings are a good way to reach power users and engage them into the project, in order to start the dissemination. We expect the users present in those meetings to talk about Intergeo around them.

  • Identify users for Quality Assessment
Local User Meetings have to identify suitable schools for the Quality Assessment (WP6). We have to identify teams and put them in relation with WP6. The resources on which the testers will work have to be defined, and the languages of those resources need to be checked as well. Of course, during the experimentation the resources need to be in the local language, but it may be the responsibility of the testers to translate them.

WP5 Team

List of Local User Meetings 2008

LocationDateResponsibilityGeneral Remarks
SP - Valencia25.04.2008 to 27.04.2008University of Cantabria (Tomas Recio)Took benefit of VIII Jornades d'Educació Matemàtica.
PL - Chiechocinek21.06.2008 to 24.06.2008University of Bayreuth (Alfred Wassermann)Presence at the National Polish Superkurs Meeting to be confirmed.
PT - Coimbra25.06.2008 to 28.06.2008University of Cantabria (Tomas Recio)Took benefit of the ENSPM meeting (ENSPM Paper), organized by the SPM.
IT - Paderno del Grappa25.08.2008 to 27.08.2008Centro Ricerche Didattiche "Morin" (Giovanni Artico)Took benefit of a math teacher’s meeting.
LT - Vilnius26.08.2008 to 27.08.2008University of South Bohemia (Pavel Pech) 
PT - Elvas02.09.2008 to 04.09.2008University of Cantabria (Tomas Recio)Took benefit of the "ProfMath" meeting, organized by the APM.
NO - Trondheim11.09.2008 Intergeo presentation at the 4th JEM Workshop
CZ - Horska Kvilda22.09.2008 to 26.09.2008University of South Bohemia (Pavel Pech)This meeting took benefit of Usage of Computers in Teaching Mathematics.
GER - Germany27.09.2008 to 28.09.2008University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd (Ulli Kortenkamp)Took benefit of the AK MU&I meeting.
ES - Sevilla10.10.2008 to 13.10.2008University of Cantabria (Tomas Recio)Took benefit of the XII CEAM meeting.
FR - La Rochelle25.10.2008 to 27.10.2008Sésamath (Benjamin Clerc)Took benefit of the APMEP meeting, which regroups all math teachers.
RO - Constan?a31.10.2008 to 2.11.2008Univ. Montpellier 2 (Christian Mercat)Took benefit of the CNIV meeting, which regroups teachers interested in eLearning.

List of Local User Meetings 2009

LocationDateResponsibilityGeneral Remarks
LU - LuxembourgJan/Feb 2009University of LuxembourgThis meeting will take benefit of an existing meeting for the teachers in Luxembourg. Thus only teachers from Luxembourg will attend to that meeting.