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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

More About Curriki

Curriki is where all of us -- our community of educators, parents and students can work together to develop interesting, creative and effective educational materials that the global educational community can use for free.

Our goal is to:

  • Develop curriculum through community contributors
  • Deliver the curriculum globally
  • Determine the impact by project and by individual
The initial focus is on K-12 curricula in the areas of mathematics, science, technology, reading and language arts, and languages.

Curriki is Your World of Educational Resources

Educational Support and Publishing Tools

Our online setup will make it easy to post a wide variety of different resources, courses and curricula. We will encourage community members to review, edit, revise and combine resources into courses and complete curricula. To help you do this, we are providing a comprehensive curricular framework that includes defined learning objectives, scope and sequence for instruction, lesson plans, student activities, instructional materials, and teacher training. Assessments will enable students and parents to monitor progress and performance.

Once we are fully up and running, curriculum developers will be able to get the community's feedback and evaluation of their work. Subject matter experts will review and comment on the curricula with local education administration support, which will also ensure that the content meets accreditation standards for the relevant regions.

Curriki's publishing tools will simplify the process of creating content and providing information about your resources so that others can locate them easily. This will make it easy to systematically describe your materials, include assessments, and align them to curriculum frameworks or standards.

In the future, It is our intention that Curriki curricula will be translated and adapted so it can be used as the basis for creating localized versions.

About the Technology

Curriki is based on an open source technology, a Wiki, which makes it easy to post materials online. When community members view the resource pages, they are able to comment, edit, and group together content to create a lesson, course or curriculum.

Other technologies will be available In the future, such as bulletin boards, blogs and podcasts to enable collaboration between contributors and users of the content to improve the curricula.


Every community has groups of folks with similar interests or goals, and Curriki is no exception. Curriki groups provide a way for educators to get together and exchange ideas, discuss issues and targeted resources, or just to talk about what has worked (or not) in your efforts to educate and In your desire to spread the word

As we develop, special groups will be formed to work on specific Issues and solve related problems.

More Information