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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

About the members of the Intergeo project


Read more about the Consortium Partners and their specific role in the project by clicking the Acronym of interest.

Also, you can view the

List of DGS software speaking i2geo


AcronymInstitution NameWeb
PHSGUniversity of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd (Cinderella)PHSG
UMP2Université Montpellier (Geoplan/Geospace/TracenPocheGeoplane/Geospace, TracenPoche
DFKIGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)Active Math
CABRILOGCabrilog SAS (Cabri II Plus/Cabri Junior/Cabri 3D)Cabrilog
UBAYUniversity of Bayreuth (GEONExT)GEONExT
ULUXUniversité du Luxembourg (GeoGebra)GeoGebra
UCANUniversity of Cantabria , Santander, Spain 
TUETU EindhovenOpenMath
M4MMaths for More (WIRIS)WIRIS
USBUniversity of South Bohemia Ceske Budejovice 
PHKAUniversity of Education Karlsruhe (Cinderella)PHKA, Cinderella

Associate Partner

The role of associate partners

Persons and institutions can become Associate Partners of the Intergeo Project on request. The interest may be expressed via E-Mail or other communication to the Project Office. The inclusion as an Associate Partner is decided by the General Assembly within 30 days of application of the partner, and can be revoked at any time. Associate Partners are included in internal discussions of the project at an early stage and have access to special areas of the internal website. Associate Partners are expected to show active interest in the project, for example by (1) adopting the common file format for their software, (2) providing significant content to the Project, (3) developing ontologies with the partners, or (4) conducting classroom tests and reporting the results to the Intergeo Database. There are no financial obligations or benefits for Associate Partners, but they can apply for reimbursement for project related travel and subsistence by Project Partners. Associate Partners do not have voting rights at the General Assembly.

Become an active member as Associate Partner

Contact the Intergeo Project Office:

List of Associate Partner

Read more about an Associate Partner by clicking the Name of interest or the respective Web link.

Nr.CountryStatusDateNameContact / Web
1Austria / USAconfirmed16-10-2007Markus Hohenwarter (GeoGebra), Geogebra
2Brazilconfirmed18-02-2008Leônidas de Oliveira Brandão (iGeom), iGeom, HP
3Canada / Spainconfirmed29-02-2008Philippe R. Richard, Josep Maria Fortuny (geogebraTUTOR),, geogebraTUTOR
4Canadaconfirmed10-06-2008Jérémie Farret (3D Geom), Parallel Geometry Inc
5Croatiaconfirmed26-05-2008Sime Suljic (Normala), Normala-IM, Normala-E-course
7Franceconfirmed06-05-2008Odile Bénassy (OFSET), OFSET, GNU Edu
8Franceconfirmed27-05-2008François Pirsch (JMath3D), JMath3D
9Franceconfirmed16-10-2007The Sesamath associationSesamath
10Franceconfirmed16-10-2007EducTice - INRP / Luc, EducTice, EducMath
11Franceconfirmed24-01-2008IUFM - Jacques Gressier (Geometrix), Geometrix
12Germanyconfirmed24-04-2008Jürgen Roth (Universität Würzburg), HP
13Germanyconfirmed16-10-2007Heinz, HP
14Germanyconfirmed16-10-2007René Grothmann (C.a.R. - Construct and Rule), C.a.R
15Germanyconfirmed16-10-2007Andreas Göbel (Archimedes Geo3D)Raumgeometrie
16Germanyconfirmed16-10-2007Reinhard, HP
17Germanyconfirmed16-10-2007Andreas, RealMath
18Germanyconfirmed20-01-2008Roland Mechling (DynaGeo), DynaGeo
20Germanyconfirmed04-11-2008Jürgen Richter-Gebert (Cinderella, MatheVital), MatheVital, Cinderella
21Italyconfirmed06-05-2008Giovanni Artico (CRDM), CRDM, polarprof
23Méxicoconfirmed09-05-2008Julio Prado Saavedra (GeoDin),
24Portugalconfirmed23-01-2008Arsélio, HP
25Portugalconfirmed24-01-2008José Francisco Rodrigues (CMAF), CMAF, HP
27United Kingdomconfirmed16-10-2007Albert
28United Kingdomconfirmed04-12-2007Nicolas van Labeke (Calques 3D), Calques 3D
29United Statesconfirmed09-04-2008Joshua Marks (Curriki), Curriki
31USAconfirmed20-01-2009Stelian, Geometria
32Germanyconfirmed12-02-2009Volker Ulm (InnoMathEd), EU-project "InnoMathEd"
33Denmarkconfirmed12-02-2009Mette Susanne, NAVIMAT
34Russiaconfirmed08-02-2009Alexandra Samakhova, Sergey Nikolayevich, Center of information technologies in education CTE

Country Representatives

The role of Country Representatives

For each EU country a Country Representative serves as a contact person. The Country Representatives come from ministries of education, preferably, and enable the Project to easily contact the relevant persons at school administration level.

Become an active member as Country Representative

Contact the Intergeo Project Office:

List of Country Representatives

Czech RepublicMartin
GermanyHans-Jürgen Elschenbroich,
SpainManuel de Lé

User Representatives

The role of User Representatives

We ask you to be a contact point with your association in order to ease our relationship with potential users of the project.
During the 3 years of this project we will ask you...

  • to inform your partners and members of the project.
We ask you to be a contact point with your association in order to ease our relationship with potential users of the project.
During the 3 years of this project we will ask you...

  • to inform your partners and members of the project.
  • to promote the uploading of content from your users to the content database.

Become an active member as User Representative

Contact the Intergeo Project Office: