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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

i2geo Platform TaskList and Log

Although this page should be mostly written in English, it is ok for everyone to add wishes in other languages. Please do not start to translate this page!

Bien que cette page devrait être essentiellement en anglais, il est possible que tout un chacun y ajoute ses vœux et/ou commentaires dans sa langue. Merci de ne pas traduire cette page qui change tout le temps!

Obwohl diese Seite hauptsächlich auf Englisch sein sollte, es ist möglich dass jeder seinen Wunsch oder Kommentar in seiner eigene Sprache hinzufügt. Danke diese Seite nicht zu übersetzen!

This page now relates the current work of the i2geo platform. Please see history for the task-list of the first-steps.

Our current platform,, based on Curriki with specializations for cross-curriculum metadata and search, public-review-system, and interactive geometry media suport.

We split the task lists along a general category and these three axes. The goal of this task-list is to provide an easily editable roadmap view. It complements the the jira project for the intergeo platform in a slightly more ordered way.

Wishing a new feature? Or a comment? Please consider joining the users mailing-list or file an issue in the jira.

Wishing to give priority to a particular direction? Send comments to the mailing-list, vote for the jira issue, or even edit this file.




Metadata and Search

  • the current system can do an amount of annotation, see video
    • annotations of the _normal metadata_ (rights, title, description...)
    • annotations of the trained competencies and educational levels
  • the ontology now covers several years of the French and Spanish school curriculum standards (see deliverable 2.5)
See jira metadata component and curriculum texts component.


  • current metadata encoders also wish a suggestion feature for GeoSkills: IG-94
  • some usability glitches are left
  • metadata forms are not complete: IG-43 and successors
  • editing of GeoSkills will be made over the competency editor (see comped jira component)
  • current metadata encoders also wish a suggestion feature for GeoSkills: IG-94
  • browse topics fails currently: IG-51
  • no search tool uses the intergeo annotations yet

Public Review System

  • now in development on
  • allows anyone to post a review
  • allows everyone to have an own weighting of the quality criteria
  • a release to should happen at start of october
  • see jira component quality framework

Support for Interactive Geometry Format

  • upload of i2g format should provide:
    • preview picture
    • automated embedding
    • delivery of format using interactive geometry system of user's choice
  • upload through an API such as MetaBlogger: IG-99
  • (Christian) provide thumbnails for constructions and navigation in a cover-flow-way
  • please see jira component construction services