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Cabrilog SAS



Grenoble, FR – France



Colette Laborde



Jean-Marie Laborde



Pierre Laborde



Thierry Bissuel




Cabrilog is a French start-up company created under the push of CNRS and Grenoble University (Université Joseph Fourier) to sustain further economic development and distribution of Cabri Software Products. It was created in 2000 and is now a 25-person company with main competencies in Didactics, Pedagogy and Informatics for math and science learning. Users of Cabri software are spread around the world and have counted to date more than 100 millions (on computers, graphing calculators and interactive whiteboards), ranging from elementary school kids, high school students to professionals at universities or in industry.

In the consortium, the industrial partner Cabrilog is the historical pioneer of the very concept of Interactive Geometry (with Geometer's Sketchpad being the U.S.-based counterpart). Cabrilog has evolved over the years into a full-fledged industrial institution with contracts with very large corporations such as Texas-Instruments. There is no denying they dwarf other partners on an industrial basis, so the consortium is proud and happy to have them on board. Currently Cabrilog is developing innovative and user centred products covering new scientific domains where the ideas of direct manipulation and dynamic geometry and solid mathematical background can continue to be the strong pillars. Cabri development is strongly influenced by research about its use: worldwide more than 50 PhD dissertations have been written about how Cabri-geometry impacts math teaching and learning at various grades.

The principal Investigator involved in the project is Jean-Marie Laborde, former Research Director at CNRS. Jean-Marie Laborde has led the Cabri project for more than 20 years and is now heading Cabrilog with his vision on the use of ICT for math education. Jean-Marie Laborde graduated in Mathematics (École Normale Supérieure) and worked initially in theoretical Computer Sciences. In 1981 he launched the Cabri-Graph project with other colleagues in France and then the Cabri-Geometry project in Grenoble in 1985. He directed more than ten PhD students and has been appointed as a professor at many different universities around the world.