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Jacques Gressier



Académie de Lille and Régis Deleuze, IREM, IUFM Troyes



FR - France




I taught computer programming from 1984 to 1991 in an Academic Center, mainly Logo, inference engines, functionnal programming. My main interests at that time were Artificial Intelligence programming (Lisp, Prolog), expert systems and computational linguistics. I was involved in some experiments about teaching with the help of expert systems. The experiments were about the use of a general expert system shell which a colleague and I had developped to teach Geometry and ....Latin. From 1991 to 2002, since most of my students were maths teachers, the expert system shell evolved to Geometrix and was tested in classrooms while a group of teachers at the IUFM of Lille was building and testing exercices.

These last ten years, I have also been involved in network maintenance and teaching network maintenance, servers programming etc...Since 2003 I develop and maintain a free remote user PC control (Hermès : ) that enables the teacher to interact with networked students.

As far as Geometrix is concerned, I now mainly work with a group of teachers of the Académie de Lille and Régis Deleuze (IREM, IUFM Troyes) whose suggestions and advices contribute greatly to the project.

At the moment, I'm porting Geometrix under Linux and should finish it in about a year.