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Maths for More



Barcelona, SP – Spain



Daniel Marques

    Ramon Eixarch




Maths for More is a mathematical software company based in Barcelona. The company main goal is to offer "advanced calculation and presentation tools'' for mathematics education with emphasis on Internet technology solutions. Math for More is the responsible for WIRIS, a software suite of tools for mathematics education. The most relevant member of this family is WIRIS CAS, a multilingual on-line platform for mathematics calculation and contents. Today, WIRIS is actively used by thousands of students and teachers in Spain, but also in Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands and Puerto Rico. The biggest WIRIS community is Catalan speaking since the first two WIRIS servers where in Catalan. Today there are WIRIS servers in English, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch/Flemish and Basque language. The company commercial policy is to offer WIRIS CAS, with a DGS included, through a public education portal accessible for all, the education community. The institution responsible of the portal assumes the cost of the server and license, which are reasonably low. The open access approach to the use of WIRIS increases the community usage of the tool and associated materials.

Ramon Eixarch is co-founder of Maths for More. The company was created in 1999 to commercially exploit the research developed by a group of teachers and students in the Technical University of Catalonia. Mr. Eixarch has been project manager in several company projects, which include strong software developments for LeActiveMath and WebALT projects. He is an expert in on-line mathematical software and brings commercial expertise in on-line products for education into the consortium.

Daniel Marquès is co-founder of Maths for More. He has been the chief developer and project manager for the technical developments in the company projects. Mr. Marquès has coordinated and taken part in the development of complex software systems: WIRIS software development, LeActiveMath OPENMATH editor and WebALT linguistic components. He is both an expert in on-line mathematical software and software development.