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Pedro Quaresma


Mathematics Department of the University of Coimbra


Coimbra, Portugal



GeoThms - Geometry Framework


Pedro Quaresma


I'm an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. I have a PhD in Informatics, Foundations of Computer Science, by the University of Minho, Portugal.

Current Projects

My current projects in the area of Geometry are:

GeoThms: GeoThms is a web-based framework for exploring geometrical knowledge that integrates Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS), Automatic Theorem Provers (ATP), and a repository of geometrical constructions, figures and proofs.

An XML-suite is used as a mean of interchange constructions between the DGSs and the ATPs.

One if the ATPs used is an implementation of the Area Method, done in collaboration with Predrag Janicic (from the University of Belgrade).

EukleidesPT: the localization of Eukleides for the Portuguese Language (in collaboration with the author of Eukleides).

GeoTutor - Adaptative Learning Environment: a project submitted to FCT (Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation) The goal is to integrate the DGSs, the ATPs, and a repository of geometry problems, in a LMS, the student is able to explore the built-in knowledge but also to do new constructions, and new conjectures, allowing, in this way, a better understanding of the concepts presented in the e-course. With this project we intend to build a Adaptative Learning Environment for Geometry. A dynamic environment where the student can study the models and axiomatic theories of geometry, to understand the differences and connections between the two perspectives. An environment where the student should be challenged by new problems to be solved by the student.

This project is just starting and it will be done as part of a PhD thesis done under my supervision.


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