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University of Bayreuth



Bayreuth, GER – Germany



Alfred Wassermann



Peter Baptist



Matthias Ehmann



Carsten Miller



Wolfgang Neidhardt



Dagmar Raab



Bianca Valentin



Heiko Vogel




The University of Bayreuth with its approximately 9 000 students is among the youngest universities in Germany. Since its opening in the year 1975 it has evolved into a high-performance university with a dense net of international partnerships and research cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Peter Baptist is the leader of the chair for Mathematics and Mathematics education at the University of Bayreuth. Since more than 10 years Prof. Baptist is working on the integration of new media and eLearning in teaching Mathematics. One of the main project of the chair for Mathematics and Mathematics education is the German-wide project "SINUS-Transfer''. There, the responsibility of the chair is the mathematical support of 1 850 schools all over Germany.

Another project is the development of the free dynamic mathematics software GEONExT, successor of the software GEONET, which was developed around 1996 by Dr. Alfred Wassermann. GEONExT is now very widespread, with more than 125 000 downloads since 2003. It is used all over the world: there are currently 26 localisations of the software, including English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmal and Norsk), Spanish, and Portuguese. GEONExT is used from primary education up to university mathematics and it is recommended by several curricula for school use. It can also be used for visualisations in physics (mechanics and optics), economics, architecture and other scientific disciplines. GEONExT and learning material containing GEONExT received several awards like the German educational software award (digita2005) or the learnie award.

Dr. Matthias Ehmann and Dr. Carsten Miller are engaged in the development of dynamic mathematics software since 1996. They have developed the dynamic geometry software GEONET and its successor GEONExT. They are university lecturers at the chair for mathematics and mathematical education for mathematics and computer science education. They are members of a group of scientists that is working on the integration of new media and eLearning in teaching mathematics. This group is developing, publishing and evaluating learning environments for mathematics learning and teaching. Dr. Miller and Dr. Ehmann published several papers about the theoretical background of dynamic mathematics, using new media in the classroom and learning environments with dynamic mathematics. They also gave talks at international conferences about these topics.

The principal Investigator involved in the project is Jean-Marie Laborde, former Research Director at CNRS. Jean-Marie Laborde has led the Cabri project for more than 20 years and is now heading Cabrilog with his vision on the use of ICT for math education. Jean-Marie Laborde graduated in Mathematics (École Normale Supérieure) and worked initially in theoretical Computer Sciences. In 1981 he launched the Cabri-Graph project with other colleagues in France and then the Cabri-Geometry project in Grenoble in 1985. He directed more than ten PhD students and has been appointed as a professor at many different universities around the world.