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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners



Universidad de Cantabria



Santander, SP – Spain



Tomas Recio



Maria José González López



Cecilia Valero



Laureano González Vega



Mario Fioravanti



Francisco Botana (U. Vigo)



Miguel Abanádes (CES Felipe II, UCM)



Jesús Escribano (UCM)



Jose Manuel Arranz (IES Ponferrada)



Jose Antonio Mora (IES San Blas, Alicante)



Jose Luis Valcarce (IES Pontepedriña, Santiago de Compostela)



Manuel Díaz Regueiro (Centro de Profesores, Lugo)



Carlos Ueno (IES Jandía, Fuerteventura)



Rafael Losada (IES Pravia)



Manuel Sada (Centro de Apoyo al Profesorado, Pamplona)




The University of Cantabria is a young and dynamic institution, with an emphasis in technology and science. The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation ranks second in Spain concerning international publications per professor. Currently (and for the next five years) the University is the manager of a nation-wide project for establishing new infrastructures and for supporting interdisciplinary research with strong mathematical content, involving more than three hundred research teams of mathematicians all over Spain. Understanding the role of new technologies in mathematical education, such as the use of dynamic geometry in the classroom, is an aspect of this huge project.

The Intergeo team contributed by the UC includes three groups of people: (1) Mathematicians and mathematics education researchers, with particular interest and expertise in computers in math education. They all belong to the University of Cantabria, will be leaded by Prof. Recio and will work on cooperation with. (2) A selected group of secondary education teachers, with expertise in dynamic geometry software, some of them holding at this moment different positions as technical advisers for the Education Administration, and with an adequate geographical distribution all over Spain (Galicia, at the northwest corner of Spain; Ponferrada, in the Castilian central region of Spain; Alicante, in the Mediterranean coast; and in the Canary Islands). (3) A group of mathematicians, leaded by Prof. Botana, working together, but at different universities, with expertise in developing dynamic geometry software. The proposed role in the project for each group will be the analysis of the requirements for accessibility, usability and exploitability of dynamic geometry software on the secondary education school and first years of college education, including testing, quality control, assessment from user's point of view (team at the UC and associated secondary education teachers), as well as establishing communication protocols between different DGS programs using OPENMATH (team lead by Prof. Botana).

Prof. Recio is a professor of mathematics, one of the main introducers of computational algebra and computational geometry in Spain. He is currently working on providing automated reasoning tools to dynamic geometry software, through the interrelation of symbolic computation/dynamic geometry programs. He is the chair of the Spanish ICMI (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction) sub-commission and the president of the Regional Board of Education for Cantabria, an autonomous region within Spain.

Other key persons at the UC team include Prof. González-Vega, a professor of mathematics, with an international reputation in geometric modelling and computer algebra, Spanish Bologna Promoter and member of the Bologna Follow-up Group on Qualifications Frameworks from September 2005; and Prof. Maria Jose González-López, a professor of mathematics education, with a particular research interest in the use of computers in the mathematics classroom. She is currently a member of the staff for the Spanish Association of Researchers in Math. Education (SEIEM) see here....

On the other hand, Prof. Botana is a professor of mathematics, and the top Spanish expert on dynamic geometry software, authoring several packages such as Lugares, webdiscovery, GDI, etc. He is currently working on providing automated reasoning tools to dynamic geometry software, through the interrelation of symbolic computation/dynamic geometry programs.

Finally, the group of associated secondary education teachers are, perhaps, the most experienced in our country concerning the use of dynamic geometry software in the classroom. A substantial part of this group currently holds positions at the education administration, as mathematical education advisers or as responsible of teachers’ centres, etc. and therefore their work at Intergeo could become very influential.

Besides the expected existing cooperation inside each group, cooperation between persons from these three different groups can be traced way back to joint publications between Botana and Recio, Botana and Valcarce, as well as activities (courses, meetings) jointly organized by Recio and Botana, Recio and Díaz-Regueiro, Mora, Ueno, Valcarce, etc.

Members at the University of Cantabria (UC): Prof. Tomas Recio, Prof. Laureano González-Vega, Prof. Maria Jose González-López, Prof. Cecilia Valero, Prof. Mario Fioravanti, Ms.Sc. Jose Diego. Associate university members: Prof. Francisco Botana (Universidad de Vigo at Pontevedra), Prof. Miguel Abánades (Colegio Universitario Felipe II at Aranjuez, Universidad Complutense), Prof. Jesús Escribano (Universidad Complutense). Associate secondary education teachers: Jose Luis Valcarce (Asesor de Matemáticas, Consellería de Educación, Xunta de Galicia), Manuel Díaz-Regueiro (Director del Centro de Formacion y Recursos, Lugo, Consellería de Educacíon, Xunta de Galicia), Jose Antonio Mora (Catedrático de Matemáticas, IES Sant Blai, Alicante), Carlos Ueno (Catedrático de Matemáticas, IES Cruz de Piedra, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), José Manuel Arranz (Profesor de Matemáticas de Educacion Secundaria).