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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

I2Geo Quality Framework

Quality evaluation of resources is performed by you, the users, secondary math teachers using Interactive Geometry in the classroom, whether expert or beginner.

It is designed to be both short and quick if you are in a hurry, or thorough and deep if you have more time to invest. How does it work? You fill in a questionnaire and answer whether a broad question on each of the 8 themes, or unfold a theme to discover more precise questions. Each question is stated as a sentence that you mark on a scale whether you agree or disagree with it. You can as well comment questions. Be aware that the author might not understand them though.

Answering the questionnaire is as well a tool to help you discover aspects of the resource that you might have overlooked at first sight.

Please bear in mind that Quality Evaluation is two fold: it helps other teachers spot the best resources, that can be trusted and with which you can safely teach, but it helps as well the author of the resource identify venues of improvements. So please be constructive in your criticisms.

a list of recent quality reviews should be presented.

Ongoing tasks

At deployment time:

  • adjust macros
  • add QF.QF-Translations as translation resource
  • use QR for the space of reviews' data
ReviewClass: actual storage of the individual reviews:

ReviewSummaryClass: summarizes the statistics of all reviews for one resource, this object is stored at the resources themselves aside of the Asset objects.

The following utility pages are there for development and are exported in some other more common pages:
  • Create Review: a page to call, with parameter resource, or variable resource, to create get a review form, then to post a review attached to the given resource
  • Delete Review?: a page to call, with parameter or variable resource and number, to delete the review at this resource and number
  • See Review: a page to call, with parameter or variable resource and a number, to read the review attached to the given resource
  • List Reviews: a page to call, with parameter or variable resource to list the reviews attached to a given resource