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Review for "La machine à multiplier avec Sketchometry"

potential of the tool, needs revision for effective pupils usage

Global comment:

Review filed on 2012/12/13 16:58 by polx.

I wrote this exercise to observe students at use with Sketchometry.

They result is rather pleasing but they needed to be shown gestures.

We tried on many devices:

  • MacBook (ok)
  • Motorola Xoom (android ICS) with Chrome (ok but broke from time to time)
  • HTC Desire HD with Android browser (mostly ok)
  • iPod Touch (mostly ok, fairly small display which invites to scroll all the time
The pupils needed to consult the gestures list, as otherwise they were quite lost. But once through they found it quite nice and enjoyable. An awareness of the possibilities (I did a short demo before but that was insufficient) is needed. Grasping the gestures through the need to pass through points to construct more elaborate construction was very natural once the sound feeling is activated.

On the Mac, especially, many were lost buy the fact that zooming happened from time to time and sometimes no. It would be really important to stick to the standard pinch and pan gestures.

The students managed to reproduce the basic construction but they failed to perform the "stick to grid" last operations and thus obtain the computing machine which I mostly attribute to my explanations which were fairly high-level based on symbols.

This review concludes a trial in classroom.

Usage conditions

Hardware setup

  • one computer per learner

Learner organization

    • individual work in classroom

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