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Search Tips

For clearer results, try some of these easy techniques in the search entry box.

  • To search for an exact phrase or title, use quotes, as in "The Sun Also Rises" or "George Washington."
  • Not sure of the exact word? Crop it to a shorter form and use an asterisk (*). For example, Read* will return Reads, Reader, Reading, etc.
  • Not sure of the spelling? Use a question mark (?) to replace a single letter. For example, Read? will return Reads, Ready, etc. You can even use multiple questions marks. For example, P??r will return Pour, Poor, Pear, Peer, etc.
  • Not happy with crossover results? Reduce the number of returns by using a minus symbol (-). For example, "George Washington" -Carver will remove any returns with the word Carver.
  • Use the word "Or" to broaden a search. For example, England or Britain will find resources with either one, but not necessarily both.
  • Combine any of the above.
  • For resources, groups, and members, Curriki offers Advanced Search, where you can take advantage of custom selections and filters to optimize your results.