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  1. CompEd Translations, English

webapp.tagline=Authoring the Competencies and Topics of the GeoSkills ontology for i2geo

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mainMenu.title=Main Menu mainMenu.heading=Welcome! mainMenu.message= mainMenu.activeUsers=Current Users mainMenu.lastCreatedConcreteCompetencies=Last created competencies mainMenu.lastModifiedConcreteCompetencies=Last modified competencies mainMenu.lastCreatedConceteCompetencies.not=No recently created competencies mainMenu.lastModifiedConcreteCompetencies.not=No recently modified competencies

mainMenu.lastCreatedCompetencyProcesses=Last created competency processes mainMenu.lastModifiedCompetencyProcesses=Last modified competency processes mainMenu.lastCreatedCompetencyProcesses.not=No recently created competency processes mainMenu.lastModifiedCompetencyProcesses.not=No recently modified competency processes

mainMenu.lastCreatedTopics=Last created topics mainMenu.lastModifiedTopics=Last modified topics mainMenu.lastCreatedTopics.not=No recently created topics mainMenu.lastModifiedTopics.not=No recently modified topics

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menu.admin=Administration menu.admin.users=View Users menu.admin.reload=Reload Options

menu.user=Edit Profile menu.selectFile=Upload A File menu.flushCache=Flush Cache menu.clickstream=Clickstream

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label.username=Username label.password=Password

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button.add=Add button.cancel=Cancel button.copy=Copy button.delete=Delete button.done=Done button.edit=Edit button.register=Signup button.upload=Upload button.view=View button.reset=Reset button.login=Login button.chooseMe=Add this Competency/Topic to your search on i2geo

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icon.information=Information icon.information.img=/images/iconInformation.gif icon.warning=Warning icon.warning.img=/images/iconWarning.gif date.format=MM/dd/yyyy

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flushCache.title=Flush Cache flushCache.heading=Flush Successful! flushCache.message=All caches successfully flushed, returning you to your previous page in 2 seconds.

  1. -- clickstreams page --
clickstreams.title=All Clickstreams clickstreams.heading=All Clickstreams

  1. -- viewstream page --
viewstream.title=Stream Details viewstream.heading=Stream Information

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  1. -- items --
item.topic=Topic item.competency=Competency item.process=Competency process

item.topics=Topics item.competencies=Competencies item.processes=Competency processes item.names=Names item.label.uri=Uri

item.created=Created item.modified=Last modified item.creator=Creator

item.noTranslation=No translation

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interaction.added={0} has been added successfully. interaction.updated={0} has been updated successfully. interaction.deleted={0} has been deleted successfully.

  1. --- name types --
name.type.common=Common name.type.uncommon=Uncommon name.type.rare=Rare name.type.falsefriend=False-Friend

names.label=Names names.allNames=All names names.more=More languages name.type.common.label=Common names name.type.uncommon.label=Uncommon names name.type.rare.label=Rare names name.type.falsefriend.label=False-Friend names

name.type.common.label.not=No common names available name.type.uncommon.label.not=No uncommon names available name.type.rare.label.not=No rare names available name.type.falsefriend.label.not=No false-friend names available

  1. -- name form --
name.locale=Language name.default=Default name.type=Type

  1. -- name list page --
nameList.title=Name List nameList.heading=Names

  1. -- name detail page --
nameDetail.title=Name Detail nameDetail.heading=Name Information

  1. -- Structural Information
structure=Structural Information

structure.composes={0} composes structure.composedBy={0} is part of structure.subsumes={0} generalizes structure.subsumedBy={0} refines structure.individuals={0} contains structure.inProcesses={0} is in collection of structure.allSimilar={0} is similar to

structure.composes.not={0} composes no further items structure.composedBy.not={0} is no part of any other item structure.subsumes.not={0} generalizes no items structure.subsumedBy.not={0} refines no items structure.individuals.not={0} contains no items structure.inProcesses.not={0} is in no collection structure.allSimilar.not=No similar items

  1. -- competency menu
menu.viewCompetencyMenu=Competencies menu.viewCompetencyInstances=Competencies menu.viewProcessMenu=Processes menu.viewList=List View menu.viewTree=Tree View

  1. -- competency form -- competency.uri=Uri competency.uriSuffix=Unique URI label

  1. -- competency list page --
competencyList.title=Competency List competencyList.heading=Competencies

  1. -- competency detail page --
competencyDetail.title=Competency Detail competencyDetail.heading=Competency Information competencyDetail.editTopics=Click here to link to topics competencyDetail.editCompetencies=Click here to link to competencies here to link to more general processes here to link to competency processes

competencyDetail.topics.not=No topics are linked

  1. -- Competency process list page --
processList.title=Competency Process List processList.heading=Competency Processes

  1. -- Competency process detail page --
processDetail.title=Competency Process Detail processDetail.heading=Competency Process Information

  1. -- topic list page --
topicList.title=Topic List topicList.heading=Topics

  1. -- topic detail page --
topicDetail.title=Topic Detail topicDetail.heading=Topic Information

topicDetail.children=This topic has the following sub topics topicDetail.parents=This topic has the following parent topics

topicDetail.children.not=This topic has no sub topics topicDetail.parents.not=This topic has no parent topics

topicDetail.editConcreteTopics=Click here to edit links to topics

  1. here to edit links to topic groups Click here to link to more general topics

  1. -- topic form -- topic.uri=Uri topic.uriSuffix=Unique URI label

  1. -- topic link menu
menu.viewTopicMenu=Topics menu.viewTopics=Topics

  1. -- search
search.title=Search search.heading=Search

  1. -- help any name for this item. The name will become the default name with respect to the current language. help.competency.uri=Provide a unique identifier. Be very careful with this!!! help.competency.topics=Use the drop-down-box to add or remove topics that should be linked to this item. help.competency.process=Use the drop-down-box to link to competency processes. any name for this item. The name will become the default name with respect to the current language. help.process.uri=Provide a unique identifier. Be very careful with this!!! help.process.processes=Use the drop-down-box to link to more general competency processes. help.process.competencies=Use the drop-down-box to add or remove competencies that should be linked to this item. any name for this item. The name will become the default name with respect to the current language. help.topic.uri=Provide a unique identifier. Be very careful with this!!! help.topic.topics=Use the drop-down-box to add or remove topics that should be linked to this item. It is not allowed to use mixed topic types. Please don't use topic 'Theorem' together with other topics.

newbie.welcome=Welcome to CompEd where you can browse about the language of annotations of Intergeo resources, GeoSkills.

  1. -- errors
errors.unique.uri=This URI already exists. Please use another. connect this item to a process. connect this item to a topic. name this item. provide a unique identifier for this item. errors.topic.mixed=It is not allowed to use mixed topic types. Please don't use topic 'Theorem' together with other topics.