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DocumentBundle, English

  1. Santiago July 2010: is this a property that has lost its name?
  2. press pen on right to edit or request to be an active translator
  3. This document is used for the translations
  4. it overrides the default phrases
  5. Within a page, one can use such a message
  6. with $msg.get("phrasename")
  7. Documents that need to be translated as well are:
  8. - /Main/WebHome
  9. - /Traces/WebHome
  10. for value-spaces:
  11. - all topics (mostly the title)
  12. - all licenses (mostly the title)
  1. In principle all sheets are multilingual.
  2. - juridictions?

registration.validate.failed.no_info=Completion of registration failed


traces.newTrace.label = New Trace traces.newTrace.nameLabel = Name: traces.newTrace.nameDefaultValue = new trace traces.newTrace.createButton = Create traces.newTrace.invalidTraceName = Entered Trace name is invalid. Currently only latin characters are allowed. traces.newTrace.namingConvention = Notice: Currently only latin characters are allowed in Trace names

traces.dupTrace.label = Duplicate this trace traces.dupTrace.nameLabel = Name: traces.dupTrace.createButton = duplicate and edit traces.dupTrace.renameTrace = Please rename Trace before duplicating

traces.single.preTitle = i2geo Trace

traces.single.topHint = This is a page reporting about interactive geometry constructions candidate to enter the intergeo sharing process.

trsces.tracesYouCreated = Traces you created

traces.fields.Title = Title traces.fields.Author = Author traces.fields.License = License traces.fields.Country = Country traces.fields.Description = Description traces.fields.Topic = Main topic: traces.fields.OtherThemes = Other themes traces.fields.level=Educational level traces.fields.dgSystem = Geometry system traces.fields.amount = Amount traces.fields.language = Langue de la construction

traces.single.back = Back to traces.single.backToWhat = intergeo traces traces.single.edit = Edit this trace

traces.aboutLicenses = more about licenses traces.aboutTopics = more about topics for first steps traces.aboutSoftwares = more about interactive geometry softwares

traces.list.thisIsTracesYourContrib = This is a list of traces with a given contributor. traces.list.SeeYourContrib = See traces you contributed to.

traces.list.thisIsAll = This is the list of all traces. traces.list.SeeAll = See all traces.

traces.list.thisIsTracesProp = This is the list of traces of with a given value.

traces.list.findListAtValues = Find the list of traces at each value-space: topics, licenses, and softwares

traces.list.thisIsAllRecent = This is the list of recently updated traces. traces.list.SeeAllRecent = See recent traces.

quicklinks.title = Quick Links quicklinks.traces = Traces quicklinks.home = Home quicklinks.index = Index quicklinks.whatsNew = What's New = Blog quicklinks.sandbox = Sandbox

i2gPanel.title=Create i2gPanel.newTrace=New Trace i2gPanel.newPage =New Page i2gPanel.newSpace=New Space i2gPanel.newBlogPost=New Blog Post i2gPanel.createButton=Create i2gPanel.remark=*New pages are created in current space