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  1. Phrase file for I2Geo for language en
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rve.toc.title= ME-Table of Contents

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rve.title.member.rating.1.rollover= Unusable rve.title.member.rating.2.rollover= Weak rve.title.member.rating.3.rollover= Satisfactory rve.title.member.rating.4.rollover= Strong rve.title.member.rating.5.rollover= Outstanding

Moved to GlobalClassTranslations - Todd Jan 2008 Content Information Comments

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rve.content.rightarrow_icon_rollover= Show rve.content.downarrow_icon_rollover= Hide

rve.content.empty.loggedin= This collection or folder is currently empty, or contains only resources that are unavailable due to rights.

Members, if this resource has Access Privileges of Public, you can click "Build Up" to add resources here.

rve.content.empty.notloggedin= This collection or folder is currently empty, or contains only resources that are unavailable due to rights.

Join i2geo or log in to build up this collection or folder, to comment on or flag it. Play the File in browser. rve.content.playConstruction.instruction_title.single_file=Open and Play This File: rve.content.playConstruction.description.instruction_title.single_file= constructed with resource in i2geo rve.content.playCinderella.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the Cinderella-File
in your browser with an applet. rve.content.playGeoGebra.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the GeoGebra-File
in your browser with an applet. rve.content.playGeoNext.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the GeoNext-File
in your browser with an applet. rve.content.playGeoPlan.error_message=Your activeX version is probably not installed, here you can install Géoplan/Géspace rve.content.playCaRMetal.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the CaRMetal file in your browser with an applet rve.content.playZUL.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the Z.u.L-File
in your browser with an applet. rve.content.playTEP.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the File in browser. rve.content.playCabri.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the Cabri II Plus File
in your browser. rve.content.playCabri2D.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the Cabri II File
in your browser, if you have a plugin. rve.content.playGeoPlan.description.instruction_title.single_file=Under windows you can play the construction
with the play button, otherwise try the applet. rve.content.playCabri3d.description.instruction_title.single_file=Open the Cabri 3D File
in your browser, if you have a plugin. rve.content.playGeospace.description.instruction_title.single_file=Under windows you can play the construction with the play button.

rve.filetype.icon.Cinderella=Cinderella construction file rve.filetype.icon.GeoPlan=GéoPlan construction file rve.filetype.icon.Cabri2=Cabri2 construction file rve.filetype.icon.GeoGebra=GeoGebra construction file rve.filetype.icon.ZUL=ZUL or CaRMetal construction file rve.filetype.icon.Wiris=Wiris construction file rve.filetype.icon.GeoNext=GeoNext construction file rve.filetype.icon.Geospace=GéoSpace construction file rve.filetype.icon.Cabri2plus=Cabri 2+ construction file rve.filetype.icon.Cabri3D=Cabri3D construction file rve.filetype.icon.rar=rar-archive rve.filetype.icon.odt=text file (Open Office ) rve.filetype.icon.doc=Microsoft Word file rve.filetype.icon.pdf=Acrobat document rve.filetype.icon.png= png image file rve.filetype.icon.jpg=jpg image file movie file rve.filetype.icon.avi= avi movie file rve.filetype.icon.mp3=mp3 audio file rve.filetype.icon.gif= gif image file rve.filetype.icon.swf=flash player file rve.filetype.icon.odb=database file (Open Office file) rve.filetype.icon.odf=formular file (Open Office file) rve.filetype.icon.odg=graphics file (Open Office file) rve.filetype.icon.odp=presentation file (Open Office file) rve.filetype.icon.ods=spreadsheet file (Open Office) rve.filetype.icon.wav=wav audio file rve.filetype.icon.xlsx=Microsoft Excel file rve.filetype.icon.xls=Microsoft Excel file Open or Download This File: Open or Download These Files: The document link below will follow your browsers normal behavior for opening files on the Internet, i.e., it will open the file in a new browser window. The orange download button to the right will circumvent your browser in order to 'force' a download so you can save the file on your computer. The orange play button will play the file in your browser in a new window.The link below contents the url of this new window and can be used everywhere. Right-click on the document link below and select the option to to save the file or link onto your computer. Clicking on the link below will follow your browsers normal behavior for opening files on the Internet, i.e., it will open the file in the current browser window, while clicking the orange download button to the right will open the file in a new browser window. Download Download VidiTalk File Download Original File rve.content.view.play_button= Play rve.content.view.pause_button= Pause rve.content.view.launch_button= Launch in a New Window rve.content.view.start_button= Start rve.content.view.hide_button= Hide Files rve.content.view.show_button= Show Files Navigate to This External Web Link: This resource is an external web link that will take you away from i2geo's site. Use the link to download the file or navigate to the site. rve.content.view.go_button= Go rve.displayer.description.Cabri3D=This document requires the Cabri 3D plugin which appears not be installed in your browser. rve.displayer.description.Cabri2D=This document requires the Cabri II Plus plugin which appears not be installed in your browser.

rve.content.edit.text.instruction_text.wiki_wysiwyg= Use the WYSIWYG editing toolbar to edit and format your content below. Get help using the toolbar. rve.content.edit.text.instruction_text.html_wysiwyg= Use the HTML editing toolbar to edit and format your content below. Get help using the toolbar. rve.content.edit.text.instruction_text.wiki_text= Edit and format your content using Wiki markup in the area below. Get help with Wiki syntax. rve.content.edit.text.instruction_text.html_text= Edit and format your content using HTML markup in the area below. Get help with HTML syntax. rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.switch_plain.title= Switch to Text Mode? rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.switch_wysiwyg.title= Switch to WYSIWYG Mode?

rve.content.edit.text.instruction_text.wiki_text= You are currently editing in Wiki mode because it was detected that your content contains mark-up that is not compatible with the WYSIWYG editor. You can decide to launch the WyYSIWYG editor but you need to be aware that it might break your content. More information is available in the Help Collection.

rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.switch_plain.instruction= Switching to text mode will allow you to enter or edit Wiki/HTML syntax yourself. Please note, however, that returning to WYSIWYG mode after making this switch may cause formatting issues. Please check that your work was saved with the proper formatting before you finalize your edits. Get more help with these functions. rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.switch_wysiwyg.instruction= Switching to WYSIWYG mode will allow you to use the "What You See Is What You Get" editing toolbar to format your content. Please note, however, that returning to WYSIWYG mode after changes have been made in Wiki syntax may cause formatting issues. Please check that your work was saved with the proper formatting before you finalize your changes. Get more help with these functions. rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.continue_button= Continue to Edit rve.content.edit.text.switch_dialog.cancel_button= Cancel rve.content.edit.revision.instruction_title= Revision History Note: rve.content.edit.revision.instruction_tooltip= Enter a short comment here to describe your changes. The content you enter will appear in the Revision History to describe how this resource has changed with this edit. rve.content.edit.revision.entry_sample= Enter a description of your changes. rve.content.edit.save_button= Save rve.content.edit.cancel_button= Cancel rve.content.edit.save_continue_button= Save & Continue rve.content.edit.caption.instruction_title= Create a Custom Caption: rve.content.edit.caption.instruction_tooltip= By default, the content you entered as the resource's Description also appears in the caption location when you are viewing the resource. Use this field to customize the text that appears in the caption instead of using the default. The changes you make in this field will not change the Description of the resource; the Description can be edited on the Information tab for this resource. rve.content.edit.alt_text.instruction_title= Customize the Alt Text: rve.content.edit.alt_text.instruction_tooltip= By default, the content you entered as the resource's title also appears in the Alternative Text location when someone views the resource. Alternative Text (also known as "Alt Text") is displayed when a user hovers over an image; it should give any information necessary to understand what the image conveys. Using this field, you can replace the default and customize the text that appears as Alt Text. The changes you make in this field will not change the Title of the resource; the Title can be edited on the Information tab for this resource. rve.content.edit.replace_file.instruction_title= Upload a Replacement File: rve.content.edit.replace_file.instruction_title.archive= Upload a Replacement Archive File: rve.content.edit.replace_file.instruction_tooltip= Uploading a new file will replace the file currently displayed in your resource. If you upload a file for which the file extension (the part that comes after the period, as in ".doc") does not match the current file extension, it may change the display of your resource. To upload a new file without replacing the current attachment, create a new resource by clicking "Add a Resource" under the Contribute heading in the the navigation menu on the left, or, if adding the new file into an existing folder or collection, by clicking "Build Up" for that parent resource. rve.content.edit.replace_video.instruction_title= Capture or Upload a Replacement Video: rve.content.edit.replace_video.instruction_tooltip= Capturing or uploading a new video will replace the video currently displayed in your resource. After the video is converted, click "Next". To upload a video without replacing the current video, create a new resource by clicking "Add a Resource" under the Contribute heading in the navigation menu on the left, or, if adding the new video into an existing folder or collection, by clicking "Build Up" for that parent resource. rve.content.edit.replace_file.browse_button= Browse rve.content.edit.replace_file.new_type_dialog.title= Change File Type? rve.content.edit.replace_file.new_type_dialog.instruction= The new file you have selected is a different type of file than the old version. Are you sure you want to continue? Uploading the new file may change the display of the resource. rve.content.edit.replace_file.new_type_dialog.continue_button= Continue to Upload rve.content.edit.replace_file.new_type_dialog.cancel_button= Cancel rve.content.edit.set_start.instruction_title= Set a New Start File: rve.content.edit.set_start.instruction_tooltip= Certain types of Zip files (such as SCORM learning objects) can be played from the server. Select the file that should load first in order to activate this feature. rve.content.edit.archive_type.instruction_title= Customize the Archive Type: rve.content.edit.archive_type.instruction_tooltip= Select one of the options below to help savvy users find archives of a specific type.

CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass_type_zip= Zip: Generic Archive CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass_type_zipweb= Zip: Web Site Archive CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass_type_scoims= SCO/IMS Content Package CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass_type_imscc= IMS Common Cartridge CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass_type_xo= XO Content Bundle

rve.content.edit.link_title.instruction_title= Customize the Link Display: rve.content.edit.link_title.instruction_tooltip= Enter the text you would like to display in place of the real URL for your web link. rve.content.edit.link_title.sample= Enter text here to replace the URL displaying for the hyperlink. rve.content.edit.link_url.instruction_title= Update the URL: rve.content.edit.link_url.instruction_tooltip= Check that you have a single "http://" and that there are no spaces in your URL. rve.content.edit.link_url.error= The URL you have entered is not valid. Please check (a) the format to make sure that "http://" appears only once at the beginning, and (b) that there are no spaces within the URL, then try again.

rve.information.edit_link= Edit rve.information.edit_rollover= Edit the Information for this resource

rve.information.history= Revision History rve.information.history_rollover= Revision History

rve.information.back_to_history_link= Return to Revision History rve.information.back_to_history_rollover=

rve.information.back_to_information_link= Return to Information rve.information.back_to_information_rollover= Go back to the default view of the published resource Information

rve.information.header1= BASIC INFORMATION

rve.information.title_title= Title:

rve.information.description_title= Description:

rve.information.subject_title= Subject(s):

rve.information.edlevel_title= Educational Level(s):

rve.information.ict_title= Instructional Component Type:

rve.information.keywords_title= Key Words:

rve.information.language_title= Language:

rve.information.bfcs_title= Basic File Check Status:

rve.information.bfcs_apply_link= Apply

rve.information.header2= RIGHTS & ACCESS INFORMATION

rve.information.accessprivileges_title= Access Privileges:

rve.information.hidefromsearch_title= Hidden from Search: rve.information.hidefromsearch_yes= Yes rve.information.hidefromsearch_no= No

rve.information.rightsholder_title= Rights Holder:

rve.information.licensedeed_title= License Deed:

rve.information.edit.header= EDIT INFORMATION rve.information.edit.cancel_button= Cancel rve.information.edit.save_button= Save rve.information.edit.required.field.icon= !

rve.information.title.edit_title= Title: rve.information.title.edit_txt= Update the title of this resource. rve.information.title.edit_tooltip= Use no more than 250 characters (including spaces) in the resource title, which should be unique enough to help identify its relevance in search results.

rve.information.description.edit_title= Description: rve.information.description.edit_txt= Update the description of this resource. rve.information.description.edit_tooltip= If relevant, you may want to include the relationship of this resource to its larger instructional context, i.e., "This lesson, in which students learn and practice basic conversation skills, is part of a Spanish II unit for a year-long high school course."

rve.information.subject.edit_title= Subject: rve.information.subject.edit_txt= Update the selected subject(s) for this resource. Click arrows to expand or collapse subjects. rve.information.subject.edit_tooltip= Please make sure the resource is correlated only to relevant subjects; applying too many subjects makes it harder for people to find what they need in search results.

rve.information.edlevel.edit_title= Educational Level(s): rve.information.edlevel.edit_txt= Update the selected educational level(s) for this resource. rve.information.edlevel.edit_tooltip= Please make sure the resource is correlated only to appropriate educational levels; applying too many levels makes it harder for people to find what they need in search results.

rve.information.ict.edit_title= Instructional Component Type: rve.information.ict.edit_txt= Scroll to find and update the selected type(s). Select multiple types by hitting the Ctrl (PC) or Apple (Mac) key as you click to select. Click here for definitions. rve.information.ict.edit_tooltip= Help users understand the type or format for your resource in an instructional setting

rve.information.keywords.edit_title= Key Words: rve.information.keywords.edit_txt= rve.information.keywords.edit_tooltip= Add individual terms to help people find this resource in search results. Include "student-facing" if this resource is meant for use by learners. (Please note: The system will not read phrases, only single terms!)

rve.information.language.edit_title= Language: rve.information.language.edit_txt= rve.information.language.edit_tooltip= Select a language for this resource. If you select "Other" please add the language in the Key Words field above. (You may wish to enter it in both the native and English alphabets, if applicable.)

rve.information.hidefromsearch.edit_title= Hide from Search: rve.information.hidefromsearch.edit_txt= Some content is not suitable for display in search results, because it does not offer value to the community as a standalone element.

If this is such an element (for instance, a chart) that only makes sense within the context of a larger resource (like a lesson plan), make sure this option is selected so this element does not appear in search results. rve.information.hidefromsearch.edit_tooltip= Use this feature to help make i2geo's search results work better for everyone! rve.information.hidefromsearch.edit_instruction= Do not show this element in search results.

rve.information.rightsholder.edit_title= Rights Holder: rve.information.rightsholder.edit_txt= rve.information.rightsholder.edit_tooltip= This is the person or organization that holds the rights to this resource -- the owner of this intellectual property.

rve.information.accessprivileges.edit_title= Access Privileges: rve.information.accessprivileges.edit_txt= Update the selected level of privileges. rve.information.accessprivileges.edit_tooltip= Choose Private to keep material in "draft" until it is ready to be released for general use.

rve.information.licensedeed.edit_title= License Deed: rve.information.licensedeed.edit_txt= Please be sure you have read and understand the Terms of Use and that you have the rights to update the selected license.

If you wish to assign another license, please select from the drop-down list below. To learn about all the Creative Commons licenses, please click here.

rve.information.licensedeed.edit_tooltip= This is the license selected for protecting this resource. rve.information.licensedeed.edit_instruction= Set License Deed:

rve.information.revision.list.header= REVISION HISTORY rve.information.revision.list.from_title= From rve.information.revision.list.to_title= To rve.information.revision.list.version_title= Version rve.information.revision.list.author_title= Author rve.information.revision.list.note_title= Note rve.information.revision.list.datetime_title= Date/Time rve.information.revision.list.action_title= Action rve.information.revision.list.compare_button= Compare Versions rve.information.revision.list.rollback_button= Rollback

history.rollback.exception= Exception while rollbacking I2geo Asset COMPARE VERSIONS

rve.information.edit.intention.message_text= Are you sure you want to edit the Information Settings for {0} created by {1}?

Your modifications will change the version of record.

Click OK to continue editing or Cancel to return to the published Information tab.

rve.information.edit.warning.message= You started editing fields in the Information tab.

rve.information.rollback.confirm.message= Are you sure you want to rollback to version {0}? Click OK to continue.

rve.information.required.fields.dialog= Please complete the following required field(s): rve.information.error.required.title= -Title rve.information.error.required.description= -Description rve.information.error.required.subject= -Subject rve.information.error.required.edlevel= -Educational Level rve.information.error.required.ict= -Instructional Component Type rve.information.error.required.rightsholder= -Rights Holder

rve.information.dialog.ok_button= OK rve.information.dialog.cancel_button= Cancel Review Open the Review Form for this resource Nominate for Review Submit this resource for evaluation by the i2geo Review System

rve.comments.comment.addcomment_link= Add a Comment & Rating rve.comments.comment_without_rating.addcomment_link= Add a Comment rve.comments.comment.addcomment_rollover= Provide your ideas or feedback for this resource I2GEO REVIEW This resource was reviewed using the rubric for {0} and received an overall i2geo Review System rating of {1}, as of {2}. Component Ratings: Technical Completeness: Content Accuracy: Appropriate Pedagogy: Reviewer Comments: Update This Review rve.comments.add_comment.empty.notloggedin_message =For adding a new Review or Comment, you have to be logged in. This resource has not yet been reviewed by the i2geo Review System (CRS).

Expert reviewers apply CRS criteria to help you find high quality resources.

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rve.comments.commentrating.comment.add_title= Add a Comment: rve.comments.commentrating.rating.add_title= Add a Rating:

rve.comments.commentrating.comment.edit_title= Edit Comment: rve.comments.commentrating.rating.edit_title= Edit Rating:

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rve.comments.comment.error.message.min= You must submit a comment or rating.

mode.print.header_title= Print Preview mode.print.header_txt= You are now viewing {0} mode.print.header.view_link= Go to View mode.print.header.close_button= Close mode.print.header.print_button= Print

mode.embed.footer_txt= All Content Licensed Creative Commons

organize.dialog.cancel_button= Cancel

organize.dialog.ok_button= OK

organize.intention.dialog_title= Orgnanize Confirmation organize.intention.message_text= Are you sure you want to organize the resources in {0} contributed by {1}?

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To move resources, click to drag and drop them into the preferred location.

When you are satisfied with how the folder or collection is organized, click Done.

organize.dialog.resource.unavailable.indicator_node= Resource Inaccessible

organize.dialog.resource.unavailable.indicator_rollover= This resource is unavailable to you because its Access Privileges are set to Private.

organize.dialog.remove_button= Remove

organize.dialog.done_button= Done

organize.confirmation.dialog_header= CONFIRM ORGANIZATION

organize.confirmation.dialog_summary_text= You have chosen to perform the following action(s) to organize this resource:

organize.confirmation.dialog_note_text= Note that removed resources will still be available in My Contributions (or in a group's Contributions if added as part of a group).

organize.confirmation.dialog_instruction_text= Click OK to confirm these changes.

organize.confirmation.dialog_removed_listing= - Remove {0} from {1}

organize.confirmation.dialog_moved_listing= - Move {0} from position {1} in {2} to position {3} in {4}

organize.error.concurrency_text= While you were organizing this resource, another member changed its contents. In order to manage resource versions, your changes have been discarded. Please try again.

rve.noaccess.header= ACCESS PRIVILEGES REQUIRED rve.noaccess.message= You cannot view the requested resource because you do not have the required Access Privileges. rve.noaccess.goback_link= Go Back rve.noaccess.goback_url= javascript:history.go(-1) rve.noaccess.login_link= Log In rve.noaccess.login_url= /xwiki/bin/login/XWiki/XWikiLogin rve.noaccess.home_link= i2geo Home rve.noaccess.home_url= /xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome rve.noaccess.help_link= Help rve.noaccess.help_url= /xwiki/bin/view/Coll_curriki/Tutorials

rve.notfound.header= NO PAGE OR RESOURCE FOUND rve.notfound.message= No page or resource exists at this location. Please check the URL and try again. rve.notfound.goback_link= Go Back rve.notfound.goback_url= javascript:history.go(-1) rve.notfound.home_link= i2geo Home rve.notfound.home_url= /xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome rve.notfound.help_link= Help rve.notfound.help_url= /xwiki/bin/view/Coll_curriki/Tutorials

rve.content.preview.upload-preview.description = Upload a screenshot of this activity rve.content.preview.upload-preview = Uploader rve.content.preview.title = Preview of the Resource in Action

vignettes.drop-box.window-title = Shoot vignette for « {0} » vignettes.drop-box.tooltip = Drop a picture in this boxn or click to take a screenshot. vignettes.drop-box.bottom-indication = Drop a picture on the camera above or click on the it to take a portion of the screen. = Click the camera to create a vignette. vignettes.drop-box.screenshotToolMsg=Select a region using your mouse. vignettes.drop-box.screenshotToolEscMsg=(Press ESC to cancel)

vignettes.recently-updated-carousel=Recently Uploaded Vignettes vignettes.history.have-shot-vignette=Have shot a vignette of the resource.

params.iconsurl= /xwiki/skins/curriki8/icons/ params.template.defaultimageurl= templatedefault.gif main.curriki= I2geo main.login_first= You must be logged in to use that feature. Please log in or click "Become a Member" to register. main.missing_rights= You don't have the necessary rights for this action. main.error= error

addexistingasset.couldnotaddtocollection= Could not add {0} to collection: {1}

addexistingasset.failedtoaddtocollection= Failed to add {0} to collection.

viditalk.sitecode= 8204167813 viditalk.loading_player= Video player is loading. One moment please.

asset.asset_corrupted= This resource is corrupted; please remove it from your collection.

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