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Groups, English

datetime= Date/Time action= Action

XWiki.SpaceClass_policy_open= Open Membership - Any I2geo member can join without approval or invitation. XWiki.SpaceClass_policy_closed= Closed Membership - I2geo members must be invited and accepted to join.

XWiki.CurrikiSpaceClass_accessprivileges_open= Open - Anyone can view group content; any I2geo member can edit it. XWiki.CurrikiSpaceClass_accessprivileges_protected= Protected - Anyone can view group content; only group members can edit it. XWiki.CurrikiSpaceClass_accessprivileges_private= Private - Only group members can view and edit content.

viewAllGroups.intro=All the groups that currently exist on i2geo are listed below. To learn more about Groups, take a look at About Connecting & Groups. Join Groups to cooperate with others. If there is no Group on i2geo yet that suits your needs (e.g. a Group for teachers from your country, or a Group about a specific kind of Dynamic Geometry Resources that you want to discuss, gather or develop with others), then you might consider Creating a Group.

groups.featuredGroup.current=The current Featured Group is: groups.featuredGroup.past=Featured Groups from the past:

groups_creategroup_pagename= Create a New Group

groups_creategroup_needaccount= You must be an I2geo member and be logged in to create a group.

groups_creategroup_about_title= About Creating a Group

groups_creategroup_about_infotxt= By creating a new group, you become the "group leader" and have special rights to edit areas of your group space, accept or deny membership requests, delete or edit other member’s messages where necessary, and more. You will be able to share these administrative privileges with other group leaders, if you like.

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_title= Name and Describe Your Group

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_groupname= Enter your group’s name here (64 character limit)

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_groupname_tooltip= This name appears in many places throughout your group space and the I2geo site; keep in mind that varying space constraints make it preferable to select a short group name.

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_groupdescription= Enter a description of your group here (up to 960 characters). This description appears in several locations in I2geo, so you might highlight the group’s focus, goals, or projects here.

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_groupdescription_tooltip= When people browse or find listings of I2geo groups, they first see your group "masthead," which includes this description along with your group name and a group image. (You add your image in the next step.)

groups_creategroup_namedescribe_webaddress_instruction= Enter the first part of your group’s web address in the space below.

groups_creategroup_member_policy_title= Select a Membership Policy

groups_creategroup_member_policy_open= Open - Any I2geo member can join without approval or invitation.

groups_creategroup_member_policy_closed= Closed - I2geo members must be invited and accepted to join.

groups_creategroup_select_subjectlevel_title= Select a Subject and Level

groups_creategroup_select_subjectlevel_subject_title= Subject:

groups_creategroup_select_subjectlevel_subject_tooltip= Select the primary subject area for your group; if your group is interdisciplinary, check multiple subjects.

groups_creategroup_select_subjectlevel_level_title= Educational Level:

groups_creategroup_select_subjectlevel_level_tooltip= Select the educational level for your group; if your group is for multiple levels, check all that apply.

groups_creategroup_select_language_title= Select a Language groups_creategroup_select_language_infotxt= This default language setting will be applied for any resources or collections created or added by your group. It will also enable people who seek a group that is communicating and working in your language to find your group.

groups_creategroup_select_license_title= Select a Default License Policy


Here you select a default license for your group's contributions into the I2geo repository. (Individual members will have the option to set alternative licenses at the time of creating or adding content, as required.)

The I2geo-compatible license displaying below was chosen to provide maximum flexibility to community members so they can use and modify your group's contributions for the purposes of their own resource development and instruction. The I2geo license is a widely used Creative Commons license Attribution 3.0. If you wish to assign another license, please select from the drop-down list below. To learn about all the Creative Commons licenses, please click here.

groups_creategroup_select_access_title= Set Default Access Privileges

groups_creategroup_select_access_infotxt= Here you choose the default setting that determines who can view and/or edit your group curricula.

groups_creategroup_select_access_open= Public - Anyone can view group content; any I2geo member can edit it.

groups_creategroup_select_access_protected= Protected - Anyone can view group content; only group members can edit it.

groups_creategroup_select_access_private= Private - Only group members can view and edit content.

groups_creategroup_create_title= Complete Group Set-Up

groups_creategroup_create_infotxt= By clicking "Create Group" below, you agree to serve as the group leader, or to assign these rights and responsibilities to another member of your group. As group leader, you agree to be the point of contact for inquiries or issues related to this group’s content and membership, and you will automatically become a member of the I2geo Leaders Group. Upon submission of this form, you should receive an email from I2geo congratulating you on the creation of this group. If you do not receive this email, please contact I2geo for assistance.

groups_creategroup_create_btt= Create Group

groups_creategroup_cancel_btt= Cancel

groups_creategroup_cancel_confirm= Are you sure you want to cancel group creation?

groups_validation_title_short= Please insert a name for your group. groups_validation_title_long= This name exceeds 64 characters. Please choose a shorter name. groups_validation_title_exists= A group with this title already exists. Please try something different. groups_validation_title_invalid= Your title contains characters that are not allowed. groups_validation_desc_short= Please insert a longer description for your group. groups_validation_desc_long= This description exceeds 960 characters. Please shorten it. groups_validation_space_exists= This URL has already been used. Please enter something different. groups_validation_url_short= Please enter the first part of your group's URL. groups_validation_url_long= Your URL exceeds 32 characters. Please shorten it. groups_validation_url_exists= This URL has already been used. Please enter something different. groups_validation_url_invalid= Your URL must start with a letter, and can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. groups_validation_education_required= Please select an educational level. This field is required. groups_validation_type_required= groups_validation_subject_required= Please select a subject. This field is required. groups_validation_licence_required= Please choose a default license for your group's contributions to the I2geo repository. groups_validation_privacy_required= groups_validation_title-exists= There is already a group with that name. Please choose another.

groups_home_page= WebHome groups_messages_page= Messages groups_curriculum_page= Curriculum groups_members_page= Members groups_documentation_page= Documentation

groups_welcomeblock_confirmcancel= Are you sure you want to cancel editing of the welcome section? groups_welcomeblock_savedone= Your welcome section has been saved.

groups_home_tabname= Home

groups_home_masthead_title= Group Title groups_home_masthead_link= Edit

groups_home_editmasthead_title= Edit Group Masthead groups_home_editmasthead_bc= Edit Masthead groups_home_editmasthead_groupname_tooltip= This name appears in many places throughout your group space and the I2geo site; keep in mind that varying space constraints make it preferable to select a short group name.

groups_home_editmasthead_groupdescription_tooltip= When people browse or find listings of I2geo groups, they first see your group "masthead," which includes this description along with your group name and a group image. (You add your image in the next step.)

groups_home_editmasthead_logo_infotxt_withoutlogo= Your group masthead is currently using the I2geo placeholder image. If you would like to show a different image, click "Browse" to find the new image on your computer. Once you locate the image, click "Submit Updates" to make it appear in your group masthead. The best size for this image is 120x82 pixels.

groups_home_editmasthead_logo_infotxt_withlogo= Your group masthead is currently using the image on the left. If you would like to show a different image, click "Browse" to find the new image on your computer. Once you locate the image, click "Submit Updates" to make it appear in your group masthead. The best size for this image is 120x82 pixels. If you want to return to using the default I2geo Group image, click here to remove the current image and the default I2geo Group image will appear.

groups_home_editmasthead_logo_direction= Select and Upload Your Image groups_home_editmasthead_logo_bro_btt= Browse groups_home_editmasthead_logo_upl_btt= Upload groups_home_editmasthead_submit_btt= Submit Updates groups_home_editmasthead_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_home_editmasthead_cancel_confirm= Are you sure you want to discard the changes?

groups_home_welcome= Welcome

groups_home_welcome_link= Edit groups_home_editwelcome_title= Edit Group Welcome groups_home_editwelcome_direction= Enter Welcome Content: groups_home_editwelcome_submit_btt= Submit Updates groups_home_editwelcome_cancel_btt= Cancel

groups_home_activity_title= Recent Group Activity groups_home_activity_feed= RSS groups_home_activity_mem_new= New member joined – {0} groups_home_activity_mem_upd= Member profile updated – {0} groups_home_activity_res_add= Resource added – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_res_edit= Resource edited – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_res_del= Resource deleted – "{0}" by {1}

groups_home_activity_res_rdr= Collections reordered – by {1}

groups_home_activity_mes_add= Message added – "{0}" from {1} groups_home_activity_mes_edit= Message edited – "{0}" from {1} groups_home_activity_mes_del= Message deleted – "{0}" from {1} groups_home_activity_mes_com_add= Message commented – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_wiki_add= Wiki page added – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_add= File uploaded – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_wiki_upd= Wiki document updated – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_upd= File updated – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_wiki_del= Wiki document deleted – "{0}" by {1} groups_home_activity_doc_del= File deleted – "{0}" by {1}

groups_home_information_title= Information Settings groups_home_information_link= Edit groups_home_information_member_policy= Membership Policy: groups_home_information_license= Default License Policy: groups_home_information_language= Language: groups_home_information_access= Default Access Privileges: groups_home_information_subject= Subject: groups_home_information_level= Educational Level: groups_home_information_creationdate= Creation Date: groups_home_information_subject_index= Subject Index groups_home_information_webaddress= Web Address

groups_home_editinformation_title= Edit Group Information groups_home_editinformation_bc= Edit Information groups_home_editinformation_member_policy_title= Edit Membership Policy

groups_home_editinformation_member_policy_open= Open - Any I2geo member can join without approval or invitation.

groups_home_editinformation_member_policy_closed= Closed - I2geo members must be invited and accepted to join.

groups_home_editinformation_subjectlevel_title= Edit Subject and/or Educational Level

groups_home_editinformation_subject_title= Subject: groups_home_editinformation_subject_tooltip= Select the primary subject area for your group; if your group is interdisciplinary, check multiple subjects.

groups_home_editinformation_level_title= Educational Level: groups_home_editinformation_level_tooltip= Select the educational level for your group; if your group is for multiple levels, check all that apply.

groups_home_editinformation_language_title= Edit Language

groups_home_editinformation_license_title= Edit Default License Policy

groups_home_editinformation_access_title= Edit Default Access Privileges

groups_home_editinformation_access_infotext= Here you can update the default setting that determines who can view and/or edit your group curricula. groups_home_editinformation_access_open= Open - Anyone can view group content; any I2geo member can edit it. groups_home_editinformation_access_closed= Protected - Anyone can view group content; only group members can edit it. groups_home_editinformation_access_private= Private - Only group members can view and edit content. groups_home_editinformation_webaddress_title= Edit Web Address groups_home_editinformation_webaddress_instruction= Update the first part of your group’s web address in the space below.

groups_home_editinformation_submit_btt= Submit Updates groups_home_editinformation_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_home_editinformation_cancel_confirm= Are you sure you want to cancel?

groups_home_contributions_title= Group Contributions

groups_home_contributions_infotxt= Here you can find any contributions from the group. groups_home_contributions_view_btt= View All groups_home_contributions_or= OR groups_home_contributions_searchfieldtxt= enter search terms groups_home_contributions_find_btt= Search

groups_home_membership_title= Membership Information groups_home_membership_open_visitor_infotxt= If you would like to become a member of this group, click "Join This Group" below to submit your information.

groups_home_membership_open_visitor_btt= Join This Group

groups_home_membership_closed_visitor_infotxt= Because this is a closed group, potential members must submit a membership request. If you are interested in joining this group, click "Request Membership" below.

groups_home_membership_closed_visitor_btt= Request Membership

groups_home_membership_group_infotxt= If you know a great potential member for this group, click "Invite New Member" below to send an invitation.

groups_home_membership_group_btt= Invite New Member

groups_home_membership_invite= Invite Members

groups_messages_tabname= Messages groups_messages_about_title= About Messages

groups_messages_about_link_show= Show

groups_messages_about_link_hide= Hide

groups_messages_about_link_edit= Edit

groups_messages_createmessage_title= Create a New Message

groups_messages_createmessage_infotxt= Click the button at left to create a new message to the whole group, individual group members, and/or members by role. Keep in mind that group members can set individual preferences for receiving message notifications by email.

groups_messages_createmessage_btt= Create

groups_messages_create_mandatory= Please enter a subject or title for your message. groups_messages_allmessages_title= {0} Messages

groups_messages_message_linkshow= Show

groups_messages_message_linkhide= Hide

groups_messages_message_optionsview_link= View

groups_messages_message_optionsedit_link= Edit

groups_messages_message_attachments= {0} Attachment(s) groups_messages_message_comments= {0} Comment(s)

groups_messages_filter_title= Filter to show messages sent to:

groups_messages_filter_toentiregroup= Group groups_messages_filter_tome= Me groups_messages_filter_tomyrole= My Role(s) groups_messages_filter_toall= All

groups_messages_create_about_title= About Creating Messages groups_messages_create_about_edit_link= Edit groups_messages_create_about_infotxt= groups_messages_create_title= Create/Edit Message

groups_messages_savedone= The message has been saved.

groups_messages_create_messagetitle_instruction= Enter message subject or title:

groups_messages_create_messagecontent_instruction= Enter message content:

groups_messages_create_messagecontent_instruction_tooltip= Use the editing toolbar to format and style your text content, insert attachments or images, and create tables or lists. groups_messages_create_selectnotification_title= Notification:

groups_messages_create_selectnotification_tooltip= Note that some members may have opted out of email notifications for this group.

groups_messages_create_selectnotification= Send email notification to the group.

groups_messages_create_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_messages_create_submit_btt= Send Message

groups_messages_create_to_mandatory= Please select recipient(s). groups_messages_create_to_delete_tooltip= Remove this recipient or role. groups_messages_create_to_delete_role_tooltip= Remove this role. groups_messages_create_to_delete_member_tooltip= Remove this member. groups_messages_create_to_label= Send to: groups_messages_create_to_group_label= Entire Group groups_messages_create_to_role_label= Specific Role(s) groups_messages_create_to_role_default= Select Role(s) groups_messages_create_to_role_add_tooltip= Click to send the message to this role. groups_messages_create_to_role_add_label= Add groups_messages_create_to_member_label= Individual Group Members groups_messages_create_to_member_default= Select from Members List groups_messages_create_to_member_add_tooltip= Click to send the message to this member. groups_messages_create_to_member_add_label= Add

groups_messages_create_notify_label= Notifications: groups_messages_create_notify_mail_label= Send email notification of this message to the "To" list.

groups_messages_edit_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_messages_edit_submit_btt= Save groups_messages_edit_submitsend_btt= Save Changes

groups_messages_view_message_title= {0} groups_messages_view_message_edit_link= Edit groups_messages_view_message_delete_link= Delete groups_messages_createdby= by groups_messages_view_comments_title= Comment(s) groups_messages_view_comments_delete_link= Delete groups_messages_view_addcomment_btt= Add a Comment groups_messages_view_addcomment_post_btt= Post Comment groups_messages_view_addcomment_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_messages_view_attachments_title= Attachment(s) groups_messages_view_attachments_providedby= Provided by groups_messages_view_attachments_on= On groups_messages_view_attachments_delete_link= Delete groups_messages_view_attachments_btt= Attach a File attachthisfile= Attach This File addattachment= Add an Attachment groups_messages_view_attachments_instruction= Choose a file to upload. groups_messages_view_attachments_browse_btt= Browse groups_messages_view_attachments_upload_btt= Upload

groups_messages_view_message_delete_confirm= Are you sure you want to delete this message? groups_messages_view_message_delete_done= This message has been deleted.

groups_curriculum_tabname= Resources groups_curriculum_about_title= About Resources groups.curriculum.collections.addButton= Add a Group Collection groups.curriculum.collections.addButton_tooltip= Add a new group collection for organizing and presenting resources groups_curriculum_about_linkedit= Edit

groups_curriculum_contributions_title= Contributions from {0}

groups_home_contributions_view_or= OR

groups_curriculum_collections_title= Collections from {0}

groups_curriculum_collections_show_link= Show Descriptions groups_curriculum_collections_hide_link= Hide Descriptions

groups_curriculum_collections_infotxt= This section displays a listing of any collections created by {0}. Links available to the right of each collection depend on your rights for this group.

groups_curriculum_collections_btt= Add a Group Collection groups_curriculum_collections_paging diff= Collections Reorder

groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.checkfirst.dialog= By default, your group’s collections are displayed here with the most recently updated at the top. Do you want to change this to a specific order? Click OK to continue. groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.checkfirst.cancel.btt= OK Cancel

groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.dialog_title= Reorder Group Collections groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.guidingquestion= In what order would you like to present your group's collections? groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.instruction= Drag and drop your group’s collections into the preferred order, then click Next. groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.listheader= Group Collections groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.cancel.btt= Cancel Next

groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.error= While you were reordering your group's collections, another member added a new group collection or reordered your group collections. Because this action occurred while you were working and before you submitted your preferred order, it must take precedence; the reordering you submitted will not be applied. (You can always click the Reorder link to start again.) groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.error.ok.btt= OK

groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.set.confirm= The new order has been saved. groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.set.confirm.btt= OK

groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.checkafter.dialog= Your group already set a special order for your group collections. Do you want to change this order? Click OK to continue. groups_curriculum_collections_reorder.checkafter.cancel.btt= OK Cancel

groups_curriculum_contributions_infotxt= Here you can find a listing of every contribution from Group Name?, including collections and resources of all sizes. You can sort the columns headed Title, Last Updated, and Access. Links available under the "Action" heading depend on your editing/deleting rights for a resource.

groups.curriculum.contributions.addButton= Add a Resource groups.curriculum.contributions.addButton_tooltip= Provide your best learning resource or create something new

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_title= Title

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_ict= ICT

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_lastupdated= Last Updated

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_access= Access

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_filetype= File Type

groups_curriculum_contributions_table_action= Action

groups_curriculum_contributions_viewall_paging_diff= Contributions

groups_curriculum_contributions_view_btt= View All Group Contributions

groups_members_tabname= Members groups_members_about_title= About Membership

groups_members_admin_about_edit_link= Edit

groups_members_membership_title= Membership Information

groups_members_membership_open_visitor_infotxt= If you would like to become a member, click "Join This Group" below to submit your information.

groups_members_membership_open_visitor_btt= Join This Group

groups_members_membership_group_infotxt= Do you have a friend or colleague who would make a great contributor/participant in this group’s activities? If you know a potential member, click "Invite New Member" below to send an invitation.

groups_members_membership_group_btt= Invite Member

groups_members_list_title= Members groups_members_manage_roles= Manage Roles groups_members_admin_list_instruction= Filter to show only: groups_members_admin_list_togglecurrent= Current Members groups_members_admin_current_members_infotxt= Members in this group are listed below, 10 per page.

groups_members_admin_current_members_editsettings_link= Edit Settings

groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_email= Allow group members to email me when messages are created.

groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_changenotice= Notify me when my contributions, messages, or wiki documents are changed.

groups_members_editsettings_loadinginprogress= Loading… groups_members_membersettings_savedone= groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_save_link= Save groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_cancel_link= Cancel groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_remove_link= Remove from Group groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_remove_confirm= Are you sure you want to remove this member from the group? (If you are the only group leader, you cannot remove yourself.) groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_removeadmin_confirm= Are you sure you want to remove the group leader status for this member? groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_removeadmin_link= Remove Leader Status groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_addadmin_confirm= Are you sure you want to make this member a group leader? groups_members_admin_current_membersettings_addadmin_link= Assign Leader Status groups_members_admin_list_togglepending= Pending ({0}) groups_members_admin_pending_infotxt= The following I2geo members have been invited to become members or have requested membership in your closed group. Click "Deny" or "Accept" in order to submit a membership status based on your screening. groups_members_admin_pending_nomembershiprequests= There are currently no pending membership requests. groups_members_admin_pending_invitedby= Invited by groups_members_admin_pending_requested= Requested Membership groups_members_admin_pending_reasons= Reason: groups_members_admin_pending_bio= Bio/Background: groups_members_admin_pending_deny_link= Deny

groups_members_admin_pending_accept_link= Accept

groups_members_admin_list_toggledenied= Denied groups_members_admin_denied_infotxt= The members shown in this listing have already been denied membership to this group. Click "Accept" to re-activate the membership request. groups_members_admin_denied_nodeniedmembershiprequests= There are currently no denied membership requests for this group. groups_members_admin_denied_invite_link= Invite groups_members_admin_list_btt= Submit groups_members_list_paging_diff= Members

groups_members_admin_list_toggleinvitations= Invitations

groups_members_admin_invitations_infotxt= Here you can view all pending invitations for this group. groups_members_admin_invitations_infotxt_noinvitations= There are currently no invitations pending for this group. groups_members_admin_invitations_cancel_link= Cancel Invitation groups_members_admin_invitations_cancel_confirm= Are you sure you want to cancel this invitation?

groups.members.invitedby= Invited by groups.members.on= on

groups_members_admin_pending_status= Status groups_members_request_status_0= None groups_members_request_status_1= Created groups_members_request_status_2= Sent groups_members_request_status_3= Accepted groups_members_request_status_4= Refused

groups_members_request_title= Request Membership groups_members_request_infotxt= To request membership in {0}, please complete the following. Your request will be submitted to the group leader(s) for review, and you will be informed of next steps by email. groups_members_request_bio_instruction= Provide information about yourself, such as your bio or background: groups_members_request_bio_tooltip= You can edit this description of yourself as a group member after you are accepted into the group. groups_members_request_reasons_instruction= Describe your reasons for wanting to join the group: groups_members_request_reasons_tooltip= These reasons can help a group leader understand what you can bring to the group, and why you are interested in becoming involved. groups_members_request_alreadymember= You are already a member of this group. groups_members_request_request_btt= Request Membership

groups_members_reject_confirm= Please describe any reason(s) for denying this membership request. groups_members_reject_confirm_btt= Deny groups_members_reject_done= You have successfully denied membership for this request. groups_members_accept_done= You have successfully accepted this member. groups_members_accept_confirm= Are you sure you want to accept this membership request? groups_members_accept_confirm_btt= Accept groups_members_accept_failed= This operation failed. Please try again. groups_members_reject_failed= This operation failed. Please try again. groups_members_accept_inprogress= Loading, please wait… groups_members_reject_inprogress= Loading, please wait...

groups_members_create_membersettings_email= Allow group members to email me when messages are created. groups_members_create_membersettings_email_tooltip= If you want to be notified by email when you receive messages for this group, click to select this option. groups_members_create_membersettings_changenotice= Notify me when my contributions, messages, or wiki documents are changed. groups_members_cancel_btt= Cancel groups_members_request_sent= Your membership request for {0} has been sent. You will be informed by email when it is processed by the group leader. groups_members_request_needaccount= You need to have a I2geo account and be logged-in to request membership for a group. groups_members_invite_title= Invite a New Member groups_members_invite_list_instruction= To invite a new member to join {0}, please enter the email address of the person in the field below. To send your invitation to multiple people, list each address here, separated by a comma.

groups_members_invite_listfieldtxt= email address, member name groups_members_invite_note_instruction= You can update the invitation text below, if you like. groups_members_invite_note_instruction_tooltip= The invitation will be directed to any email
address(es) listed, and the sender will be groups_members_invite_invitefieldtxt= I believe that {0} would really benefit from your membership. Please let me know if you have any questions. Follow the instructions below to join this group now. Thank you! groups_members_invite_btt= Invite groups_members_invite_sent= An invitation has been sent to {0}. groups_members_invite_inviteemissing= Please insert an email address for this invitation. groups_members_invite_emailinvalid= {0} is not a valid email address. groups_members_invite_alreadyinvited= {0} has been already invited to join {1}. groups_members_invite_alreadymember= {0} is already a member of {1}. groups_members_invite_failed= Failed to invite {0}. Please check the email address(es) for your invitee(s). If you continue to have difficulties, please contact groups_members_invite_report= {0} of {1} invitations sent. groups_members_invite_statuslink= Group leaders can view open invitation(s) on the Members list?. groups_members_invite_backlink= If you want to invite more people to the group, click here? to return to the invitation form. groups_members_invite_openinvitation= This is an open invitation to a mailing list. (By checking this box, you make it possible for multiple parties to use the acceptance link provided within the emailed invitation.)

groups_members_accept_request_error= If you continue to encounter an error, please report the problem.

groups_members_join_title= Join This Group groups_members_join_infotxt= In order to become a member of this group, please provide biographical information about yourself in the field below, then adjust the member settings based on your preferences. Finally, click "Join" to submit your new membership. You will be added to the list on the Members tab for this group; also, this group will be added to My Groups in My I2geo. groups_members_join_bio_tooltip= You can change your member settings for a group at any time by visiting the Members tab for that group and clicking "Edit Settings" next to your name.

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Be among the first to create and facilitate a group on I2geo!
Learn About Creating a Group
Groups can:
  • Collaborate on resource design and development
  • Share resources
  • Communicate with messaging
  • And more...

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groups.roles.admin.title= Group Leader groups.roles.comment.created= Created role {0} groups.roles.comment.renamed= Renamed role {0} to {1} groups.roles.comment.addedUser= Added {0} groups.roles.comment.removedUser= Removed {0} groups.roles.manage.titlebar= Manage Roles groups.roles.manage.intro=

As a group leader, you can create and manage a list of roles for members of your group to choose from, either when they join the group, or later when they edit their member settings for the group.

Using this feature, your group can send messages efficiently to members who play a specific role in the workings of your group. For instance, if yours is a curriculum develoment project, you might have a role "Subject Matter Expert" to which members could address specific content questions. Note the related filtering options on the Messages tab.

groups.roles.manage.returnlink= Return to Members List groups.roles.manage.edit= Edit Save groups.roles.manage.cancel= Cancel groups.roles.manage.delete= Delete groups.roles.manage.delete.confirm= Are you sure you wish to delete this role? groups.roles.manage.add= Add a Role groups.roles.create.nonunique= Each role name must be unique. groups.roles.create.invalidsize= Role names must be less than 32 characters. groups.roles.create.created= The role "{0}" has been created. groups.roles.create.notunique= That role already exist. groups.roles.rename.notunique= Each role name must be unique. groups.roles.rename.invalidsize= Role names must be less than 32 characters. groups.roles.rename.renamed= Role {0} has been renamed to {1}. groups.roles.delete.deleted= Role {0} has been deleted. groups.members.selectroles= Select Role(s): You can pick multiple roles by hitting the Ctrl (PC) or Apple (Mac) key as you click to select. groups.members.selectroles.tooltip= PLACEHOLDER You can pick multiple roles by hitting the Ctrl (PC) or Apple (Mac) key as you click to select. You can pick multiple roles by hitting the Ctrl (PC) or Apple (Mac) key as you click to select. FIND RESOURCES FROM THIS GROUP IN THE REPOSITORY

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