Interoperable interactive geometry for Europe
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  1. Language Names and Codes

languages2_3.cs = ces cha deu
languages2_3.en= eng spa eus fra mkd nld por rus
languages2_3.zh= zho hun
languages3.label_hun= Magyar ita
languages3.label_ita= Italiano fin
languages3.label_fin= Suomi
languages2_3.sq= sqi
languages3.label_sqi= gjuha shqipe

languages3.label_ces= ?eština
languages3.label_cha= ?? (??)
languages3.label_deu= Deutsch
languages3.label_eng= English
languages3.label_eus= Euskara
languages3.label_fra= Français
languages3.label_mkd= ?????????? ?????
languages3.label_nld= Nederlands
languages3.label_por= Português
languages3.label_rus= P??????
languages3.label_spa= Español
languages3.label_zho= ?? (??) 

languages3_2.cha= ch
languages3_2.ces= cs
languages3_2.deu= de
languages3_2.eng= en es eu
languages3_2.fra= fr
languages3_2.mkd= mk
languages3_2.nld = nl
languages3_2.por= pt
languages3_2.rus= ru
languages3_2.zho= zh