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MyCurriki, English

mycurriki.datetimeFormat= MMM-dd-yyyy - hh:mm a z mycurriki.dateFormat= MMM-dd-yyyy mycurriki.timeFormat= hh:mm a z Blog Find all blog entries created by {0}. I2geo members can add a comment on any blog entry. Find all blog entries created by {0}. I2geo members can add a comment on any blog entry. Collections Find any curriculum collections in the list below. Contributions Find any contributions in the list below. You can sort the columns headed Title, Last Updated, and Access. (You will only see Access for your own contributions.) Favorites Find all favorites in the list below. Groups Find all groups in the list below. Profile Find all reviews you made in the list below. Reviews MyCurriki.Blog MyCurriki.Collections MyCurriki.Contributions MyCurriki.Favorites MyCurriki.Groups MyCurriki.Profile MyCurriki.Reviews Add Add this resource to another folder or collection Copy Create a new resource based on this one Edit Revise the content or update the display of this resource Edit Info Edit the Information for this resource Build Up Add a resource to this folder or collection Organize Reorder or remove resources Delete Permanently delete this resource Are you sure you want to delete this resource?

view_profile.not_shared_with_anyone= This member prefers not to display a profile. view_profile.not_shared_with_visitors= This member prefers to display a profile only to i2geo members. Please log in or join now.

view_profile.intro.percent_complete= Welcome back! Your profile is {0} complete. view_profile.intro.edit_button= Edit Profile view_profile.intro.public_button= View My Public Profile view_profile.intro.return_button= Return to Profile view_profile.highlightphrase = I2geo has recently updated the Profile tab to better organize your personal information. There are now more options for sharing your profile. Click the "Edit Profile" button to review your settings and complete your profile.

view_profile.account_info.header= Account Information view_profile.account_info.name1.title= Display Name 1: view_profile.account_info.name2.title= Display Name 2: view_profile.account_info.login.title= Member Login: Email Address: view_profile.account_info.member_since= Member Since:

view_profile.privacy.header= Privacy Settings view_profile.privacy.show_profile.title= Show Your Profile: view_profile.privacy.show_profile.everyone= Everyone can see my profile view_profile.privacy.show_profile.members= Only allow i2geo members to see my profile view_profile.privacy.show_profile.noone= No one may see my profile view_profile.privacy.show_email.title= Show Your Email Address: view_profile.privacy.show_email.everyone= Always display view_profile.privacy.show_email.members= Display only to i2geo members view_profile.privacy.show_email.noone= Never display view_profile.privacy.email_options.title= Email Options: view_profile.privacy.email_options.all= I should receive emails about all i2geo activity. view_profile.privacy.email_options.some= I should currently receive emails about these specific types of i2geo activity: view_profile.privacy.email_options.newsletters= Periodic newsletters and announcements. view_profile.privacy.email_options.recommendations= Recommended content based on my settings. (Note: This feature is not yet available, but by selecting it now you will ensure you never miss out on recommendations.) Notification when my curriculum contributions have been reviewed and rated by i2geo. view_profile.privacy.email_options.friend= Periodic requests for feedback on the site. view_profile.privacy.email_options.none= I should not receive any unrequested emails from i2geo, but I understand that I may still receive certain required communications about my account.

view_profile.interests.no_info= No information available. Click the Edit Profile button above to complete your profile. view_profile.interests.header= Interests & Affiliations view_profile.interests.member_type.title= Member Type: view_profile.interests.affiliation.title= Organization Affiliation: view_profile.interests.subject.title= Subjects of Interest: view_profile.interests.ed_level.title= Educational Levels of Interest: City: view_profile.interests.state.title= State/Province: Country: view_profile.interests.language.title= Primary Language: Bio: How to Contact Me: view_profile.interests.websites.title= Websites/Blogs:

edit_profile.intro.percent_complete= Fill out the fields below to get your profile to be 100% complete. Learn More edit_profile.change_photo.header= Change Photo edit_profile.change_photo.choose_file.title= Choose a photo from your computer: edit_profile.change_photo.choose_file.tooltip= Your photo will appear next to your curriculum contributions, comments and ratings, and more. edit_profile.change_photo.choose_file.description= For guidelines about image sizes, see the Help Collection. If you want to return to using the default member image, click here to remove the current image and the default image will appear. edit_profile.change_photo.attach_button= Attach This File edit_profile.change_photo.remove_confirmation= Are you sure you want to remove your current photo? edit_profile.change_photo.file_error= Please select a file (file must be an image).

edit_profile.account_info.header= Update Account Information edit_profile.account_info.intro= For information on how these fields are used and why we collect them, visit the Help Collection. edit_profile.account_info.login.title= Member Login: edit_profile.account_info.login.description= You will use this name to log in. Do not use spaces or special characters, and keep in mind that your member login is case-sensitive. edit_profile.account_info.login.tooltip= Login names must be unique and are used in the web address (URL) for any resources or collections you make. edit_profile.account_info.password1.title= Password: edit_profile.account_info.password1.description= Enter a password. edit_profile.account_info.password1.tooltip= Passwords must be at least five characters long and are case-sensitive. edit_profile.account_info.password2.title= Confirm Password: edit_profile.account_info.password2.description= Confirm your case-sensitive password. edit_profile.account_info.password2.tooltip= Reenter your password to make sure you typed it correctly. edit_profile.account_info.email1.title= Email Address: edit_profile.account_info.email1.description= Please enter a valid email address. Directions on how to complete the registration process will be sent to this address. edit_profile.account_info.email1.tooltip= Email addresses must contain a single @ character, contain no spaces, and must be unique. edit_profile.account_info.email2.title= Confirm Email Address: edit_profile.account_info.email2.description= Confirm your email address to make sure you typed it correctly. edit_profile.account_info.email2.tooltip= Check that you typed the domain name correctly both times. For instance,  can easily be mistyped without noticing. edit_profile.account_info.name1.title= Display Name 1: edit_profile.account_info.name1.description= Enter the first part of the name that will display on the site to other i2geo users. For tips on entering names, visit the Help Collection. edit_profile.account_info.name1.tooltip= If you want to display your real name, use your first name here. edit_profile.account_info.name2.title= Display Name 2: edit_profile.account_info.name2.description= Enter the second part of the name that will display on the site to other i2geo users. edit_profile.account_info.name2.tooltip= If you want to display your real name, use your last name here. edit_profile.account_info.error.blank_field= Some required fields are missing; see highlighted areas. edit_profile.account_info.error.login_not_unique= The member login you entered has already been used; please enter another member login. edit_profile.account_info_error.login_invalid= The member login you entered is invalid; please enter a name without spaces or special characters. edit_profile.account_info.error.password_short= Passwords must be at least five characters. edit_profile.account_info.error.password_mismatch= Passwords do not match. edit_profile.account_info.error.password_invalid= Please enter a password without spaces. edit_profile.account_info.error.email_invalid= Please enter a valid email address. edit_profile.account_info.error.email_not_unique= The email you entered has already been used; please enter another email address. edit_profile.account_info.error.email_mismatch= Please check that both email entries match. edit_profile.account_info.error.name1_long= Display Name 1 is too long; please enter no more than 32 characters. edit_profile.account_info.error.name2_long= Display Name 2 is too long; please enter no more than 32 characters.

edit_profile.privacy.header= Update Privacy Settings edit_profile.privacy.intro= Here you can edit your settings for showing your personal information and receiving notifications from i2geo. edit_profile.privacy.show_profile.title= Show Your Profile: edit_profile.privacy.show_profile.tooltip= Choose who can view your personal information. edit_profile.privacy.show_profile.everyone= Allow everyone to see my profile edit_profile.privacy.show_profile.members= Only allow i2geo members to see my profile edit_profile.privacy.show_profile.noone= Do not allow anyone to see my profile edit_profile.privacy.show_email.title= Show Your Email Address: edit_profile.privacy.show_email.tooltip= Even if you choose to show your profile, you can choose not to display your email address using this feature. edit_profile.privacy.show_email.everyone= Always display edit_profile.privacy.show_email.members= Display only to i2geo members edit_profile.privacy.show_email.noone= Never display edit_profile.privacy.email_options.title= Email Options: edit_profile.privacy.email_options.tooltip= Select which types of notifications you would like to receive from i2geo. edit_profile.privacy.email_options.all= I would like to receive emails about all i2geo activity. edit_profile.privacy.email_options.some= I would only like to receive emails about these specific types of i2geo activity: edit_profile.privacy.email_options.newsletters= Periodic newsletters and announcements edit_profile.privacy.email_options.recommendations= Recommended content based on my settings (Note: This feature is not yet available, but by selecting it now you will ensure you never miss out on recommendations.) Notification when my curriculum contributions have been reviewed and rated by i2geo. edit_profile.privacy.email_options.friend= Periodic requests for feedback on the site. edit_profile.privacy.email_options.none= I do not want to receive unrequested emails from i2geo, but I understand that I may still receive certain required communications about my account. edit_profile.privacy.error.no_suboptions_checked= If you choose to specify certain types of i2geo communications, you must choose at least one option.

edit_profile.interests.header= Update Interests & Affiliations edit_profile.interests.intro= The information in this section will help other i2geo members find you in order to collaborate on i2geo. In the future, i2geo will be able to send you customized recommendations or personalize your site experience based on the information you enter here. edit_profile.interests.member_type.title= Member Type: edit_profile.interests.member_type.tooltip= Select a matching member type; you can always edit this field later. edit_profile.interests.affiliation.title= Are you affiliated with any particular organization? edit_profile.interests.affiliation.tooltip= Enter an organization; you can always edit this field later. edit_profile.interests.subject.title= What subjects interest you? edit_profile.interests.subject.description= Click arrows to expand or collapse subjects. edit_profile.interests.subject.tooltip= Select as many or as few subjects as you like; you can always edit this field later. edit_profile.interests.ed_level.title= What educational levels interest you? edit_profile.interests.ed_level.description= Select one or more level(s). edit_profile.interests.ed_level.tooltip= Choose any matching levels; you can always edit this field later. edit_profile.interests.location.title= Where do you live? edit_profile.interests.location.tooltip= Provide information about your location; you can always edit these fields later. Country: edit_profile.interests.state.title= State/Province: City: edit_profile.interests.language.title= What is your preferred language? edit_profile.interests.language.tooltip= Choose a language; you can always edit this field later. Bio: Use the HTML editing toolbar to edit and format your content below. Get help using the toolbar. Share information about your professional career, such as your specialties and how long you have been in education. How to Contact Me: Use the HTML editing toolbar to edit and format your content below. Get help using the toolbar. If you like to network, this is the best place to enter any screennames for sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or for messaging services such as AIM or Skype. edit_profile.interests.websites.title= Websites/Blogs: edit_profile.interests.websites.description= Use the HTML editing toolbar to edit and format your content below. Get help using the toolbar. edit_profile.interests.websites.tooltip= Share your own websites, or tell others about your favorite educational links.

edit_profile.cancel_button= Cancel edit_profile.save_button= Save edit_profile.clickaway_message= Are you sure you want to move away from this page? Your changes will be lost. Click OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page.

mycurriki.profile.titlebar= Member Information mycurriki.profile.editButton= Edit Profile mycurriki.profile.needPicture= Please select a file (file must be an image).

mycurriki.editprofile.titlebar= Edit Member Information mycurriki.editprofile.saveButton= Save mycurriki.editprofile.confirmLeave= You are leaving the edit profile form. Are you sure you want to leave and lose your changes?

mycurriki.favorites.collection.title= Favorites mycurriki.favorites.collection.description= Favorites mycurriki.favorites.viewButton= View All mycurriki.favorites.table.title= Title mycurriki.favorites.table.contributor= Contributor mycurriki.favorites.table.ict= ICT mycurriki.favorites.table.filetype= File Type mycurriki.favorites.table.action= Action

mycurriki.favorites.table.action.remove= Remove mycurriki.favorites.table.action.remove_tooltip= Remove this resource from your Favorites mycurriki.favorites.table.action.remove.confirm= Are you sure you want to remove this? mycurriki.favorites.removed.comment= Removed {0} from favorites.

mycurriki.favorites.noresults= mycurriki.favorites.mouseover.description= Description: mycurriki.favorites.mouseover.subject= Subject: mycurriki.favorites.mouseover.level= Educational Level:

mycurriki.contributions.addButton= Add a Resource mycurriki.contributions.addButton_tooltip= Provide your best learning resource or create something new mycurriki.contributions.table.title= Title mycurriki.contributions.table.ict= ICT mycurriki.contributions.table.lastupdated= Last Updated mycurriki.contributions.table.access= Access mycurriki.contributions.table.filetype= File Type mycurriki.contributions.table.action= Action mycurriki.contributions.add=Add mycurriki.contributions.add_tooltip=Add this to a folder or collection mycurriki.contributions.noresults= mycurriki.contributions.actions.delete.confirm=Are you sure you wish to delete this contribution?

mycurriki.collections.titlebar= Curriculum Collections mycurriki.collections.buildup=Build Up mycurriki.collections.buildup_tooltip=Add something to this collection mycurriki.collections.titlebarbutton= Hide Descriptions mycurriki.collections.titlebarbuttonalt= Show Descriptions mycurriki.collections.addButton= Add a Collection mycurriki.collections.addButton_tooltip= Add a new collection for organizing and presenting resources mycurriki.collections.view=View mycurriki.collections.edit=Edit mycurriki.collections.add=Add mycurriki.collections.delete=Delete mycurriki.collections.actions.delete.confirm=Are you sure you wish to delete this collection? mycurriki.collections.noresults= Reorder

mycurriki.collections.reorder.checkfirst.dialog= By default, your collections are displayed here with the most recently updated at the top. Do you want to change this to a specific order? Click OK to continue. mycurriki.collections.reorder.checkfirst.cancel.btt= OK Cancel

mycurriki.collections.reorder.dialog_title= Reorder Your Collections mycurriki.collections.reorder.guidingquestion= In what order would you like to present your curriculum collections? mycurriki.collections.reorder.instruction= Drag and drop your collections into your preferred order, then click Next. mycurriki.collections.reorder.listheader= mycurriki.collections.reorder.cancel.btt= Cancel Next

mycurriki.collections.reorder.error= While you were reordering your collections, a new collection was added or your collections were reordered. Because this action occurred while you were working and before you submitted your preferred order, it must take precedence; the reordering you submitted will not be applied. (You can always click the Reorder link to start again.) mycurriki.collections.reorder.error.ok.btt= OK

mycurriki.collections.reorder.set.confirm= The new order has been saved. mycurriki.collections.reorder.set.confirm.btt= OK

mycurriki.collections.reorder.checkafter.dialog= You already reordered your collections. Do you want to change this order? Click OK to continue. mycurriki.collections.reorder.checkafter.cancel.btt= OK Cancel Blog Entries Add an Entry Create a Blog Posted by {0} on {1} at {2} Delete Delete comment? Please enter a comment to save. Are you sure you wish to delete this blog entry?

mycurriki.groups.visit= Visit This Group mycurriki.groups.mymessages= My Recent Messages mycurriki.groups.viewmessages= View Group Messages » by

mycurriki.macro.filetype.URL= URL mycurriki.macro.filetype.unknown= Unknown mycurriki.macro.filetype.curriki= I2geo Page mycurriki.macro.filetype.currikulum= Currikulum Item

mycurriki.macro.access.public= Public

mycurriki.macro.access.members= Protected mycurriki.macro.access.private= Private

mycurriki.macro.paginate.results= Results mycurriki.macro.paginate.of= of about mycurriki.macro.paginate.previous= Previous Next #{/pre}