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    QF-Translations, English

QF.Reviews-header=REVIEWS QF.Reviews-tab = Reviews QF.Quality-Label = Quality = Review not found QF.reviewPageTitle-view = Review {0} for "{1}" QF.reviewPageTitle-form= Review form for review {0} of "{1}" QF.reviewPageTitle-view-nonum = Review for "{0}" QF.reviewPageTitle-form-nonum= Review form for {0} are no reviews for this resource. QF.all-reviews-for-this-resource = All reviews for this resource QF.please-provide-a-parameter-resource = Please provide a parameter resource = Comments = Reviews for = Add a Review QF.unrated = no reviews QF.make-anonymous = anonymous QF.ReviewFiledAt = Review filed on {0} by {1}. QF.ReviewFiledAtAnonymous = Review filed anonymously on {0}. QF.EduLevel_Title = Educational levels: = no levels indicated QF.inXreviews = In {0} reviews QF.numReviewsAndLastSingle = one review on {0} QF.numReviewsAndLastSeveral = {0} reviews, last on {1} QF.modify-it = modify it QF.delete-it = delete it QF.EduLevelTitle = Educational levels: QF.lastOn = last on {0}

QF.hasEvalInClassCheckBoxLabel = This review conclude a trial in classroom. QF.hasEvalInClass_view_yes = This review concludes a trial in classroom. QF.hasEvalInClass_view_no = This review is done without a trial in classroom.

QF.overall-score-auto-computed = overall scoren(automatically computed)

QF.ratingHintHelp=Radio buttons: more on the left side to say that I don't agree, more on the right side to say that I agree QF.ratingHint1=I do not agree at all. QF.ratingHint2=I disagree a bit. QF.ratingHint3=I agree a bit. QF.ratingHint4=I fully agree. QF.ratingHint5=This item was not part of the Review. QF.ratingHintnull=This item was not part of the Review.

QF.overall-ranking-title = Overall ranking QF.title-title=Review title comment:

QF.usage-context-title = Usage conditions QF.hardware.sectitle = Hardware setup QF.hardware-tooltip = Provide here hardware setupsn using which your evaluation is made. = one computer per learner = one computer by small learner group = one computer for the whole class QF.hardware.projector = a video-projector QF.hardware.whiteboard = an interactive whiteboard

QF.learner-organization = Learner organization QF.learner-organization.individual-outclass = individual work outside classroom QF.learner-organization.individual-inclass = individual work in classroom = group work QF.learner-organization.whole-class = work for the whole class together QF.learner-organization.only-teacher-manipulates = only the teacher manipulates the figures = at least a learner manipulates the figures

QF.more-about-usage = More about the context of usage (free comments):

QF.blop = This is a blop

QF.qs = metadata, technical, math, interactive, ig_peda, didactics, implementation, integration, usability

QF.qs_metadata = theme, prerequisite_math, prerequisite_tech, competency, objectives, modality, duration QF.qs_technical = file, interoperability, bugs QF.qs_math = valid, programs, objectives QF.qs_interactive = adequate, valid, bugfree, numerics, extras QF.qs_ig_peda = visual, cases, exploration, validation, views, geometry, interactive, added-value, invariant, dependency QF.qs_didactics = willingness, start, initiative, reports, didactical_plan, feedback, feedback_positive, remedial, redirection, synthesis, validation, general QF.qs_implementation = technical, roles, exchanges, schedule QF.qs_integration = investment, articulation, helps, experiment QF.qs_usability = amount, access, adaptability

QF.itx_metadata = I found easily the resource, the audience, competencies and themes are adequate QF.itp_metadata = Searchability, theme, competencies

QF.qtx_metadata_theme = The theme is the one I was looking for QF.qtp_metadata_theme = Title and area

QF.qtx_metadata_prerequisite_math = The mathematical prerequisites are the one I want QF.qtp_metadata_prerequisite_math = Needed competencies stated

QF.qtx_metadata_prerequisite_tech = Technical prerequisites are adequate QF.qtp_metadata_prerequisite_tech = The expected level of proficiency is correct

QF.qtx_metadata_competency = Trained competencies are adequate and complete QF.qtp_metadata_competency = Competencies to achieve

QF.qtx_metadata_objectives = Objectives are stated and clear QF.qtp_metadata_objectives = Goals to achieve

QF.qtx_metadata_modality = Proposed implementation (classroom, beamer, individual work...) is suitable QF.qtp_metadata_modality = The activity can be carried out as described

QF.qtx_metadata_duration = The duration is stated and appropriate QF.qtp_metadata_duration = As long as expected

QF.itx_technical = The files are technically sound and easy to open QF.itp_technical = File, archive, interoperability

QF.qtx_technical_file = I can access the file QF.qtp_technical_file = Reach the server, files are there

QF.qtx_technical_interoperability = I can open the file with my software of choice QF.qtp_technical_interoperability = Interoperable

QF.qtx_technical_bugs = There are no bugs in the files QF.qtp_technical_bugs = No crash, no unespected behaviour

QF.itx_math = The content is mathematically sound and usable in the classroom QF.itp_math = Valid, adequate pedagogically and to the objectives

QF.qtx_math_valid = The mathematics are valid QF.qtp_math_valid = No false statements

QF.qtx_math_programs = The content is conform to the curriculum for that level QF.qtp_math_programs = Official programs

QF.qtx_math_objectives = The content is related to the objectives QF.qtp_math_objectives = Stays in course

QF.itx_interactive = Translation of the mathematical activity into interactive geometry is coherent QF.itp_interactive = Adequate and consistent with the activity

QF.qtx_interactive_adequate = The math and the figures are related QF.qtp_interactive_adequate = What you read is what you play with

QF.qtx_interactive_valid = The figure is behaving consistently within the activity QF.qtp_interactive_valid = No unexpected behavior

QF.qtx_interactive_bugfree = The figure shows no ill effect QF.qtp_interactive_bugfree = No bugs, especially in limit cases

QF.qtx_interactive_numerics = The numerical values (angles, lengths) are consistent QF.qtp_interactive_numerics = No bad side effect to numerics

QF.qtx_interactive_extras = Functionalities and specific behaviors like sliders, keyboard interaction or macros are well described QF.qtp_interactive_extras = No magic wand for initiated wizards

QF.itx_ig_peda = In this resource, Interactive Geometry adds value to the learning experience QF.itp_ig_peda = Better than paper and pen

QF.qtx_ig_peda_visual = I can produce drawings which are clear and sharp QF.qtp_ig_peda_visual = Useful as a visual aid

QF.qtx_ig_peda_cases = Different configurations are easily produced QF.qtp_ig_peda_cases = Several drawings in one figure

QF.qtx_ig_peda_exploration = Helps the user to explore, experiment and conjecture QF.qtp_ig_peda_exploration = Trial-error strategies emerge

QF.qtx_ig_peda_validation = Conjectures can be visually validated QF.qtp_ig_peda_validation = Yes, things always stay that way

QF.qtx_ig_peda_views = Different representations can be compared QF.qtp_ig_peda_views = Views or configurations of the same issue

QF.qtx_ig_peda_geometry = Leads to understand geometric relations rather than numerical values QF.qtp_ig_peda_geometry = Geometry, not metric

QF.qtx_ig_peda_interactive = The activity can not be transposed to paper and pen QF.qtp_ig_peda_interactive = Specific to interactive geometry

QF.qtx_ig_peda_added-value = Interactive geometry helps reaching the pedagogical goal QF.qtp_ig_peda_added-value = Interactivity is not a gadget

QF.qtx_ig_peda_invariant = Dragging around, you can illustrate, identify or conjecture invariant properties QF.qtp_ig_peda_invariant = Things remain the same

QF.qtx_ig_peda_dependency = Dragging around, you infer dependency relations among objects QF.qtp_ig_peda_dependency = When I move this, this other one does that

QF.itx_didactics = This activity helps me teach mathematics QF.itp_didactics = The subject is understood, I know how to manage it and the software technicalities are tackled

QF.qtx_didactics_willingness = The students (will) get readily to the point QF.qtp_didactics_willingness = Appealing and technically reachable

QF.qtx_didactics_start = Hints are given on ways to make the students start QF.qtp_didactics_start = Some suggestions towards the goal are proposed

QF.qtx_didactics_initiative = Students initiatives are fostered QF.qtp_didactics_initiative = Students have strategic choices to make

QF.qtx_didactics_reports = Some reports and students snapshots help me foresee the situations that arise QF.qtp_didactics_reports = The experience of previous teachers is gathered

QF.qtx_didactics_didactical_plan = I am helped in identifying resolution strategies, whether correct or invalid, that the students may choose QF.qtp_didactics_didactical_plan = Expected initiatives by the students are described

QF.qtx_didactics_feedback = The feedbacks from the software are discussed and actions to use them are proposed QF.qtp_didactics_feedback = I understand the behavior of the figure and I can suggest some actions that will trigger feedback

QF.qtx_didactics_feedback_positive = The feedbacks help the students reach understanding QF.qtp_didactics_feedback_positive = Motivate conjectures or validation

QF.qtx_didactics_remedial = Remedial actions with respect to expected dead-ends are described QF.qtp_didactics_remedial = I can help students to see an error as a progress towards the goal

QF.qtx_didactics_redirection = Actions to help the students change strategies are proposed QF.qtp_didactics_redirection = I can redirect the students towards other paths

QF.qtx_didactics_synthesis = Advice to determine how and when to synthesize findings is given QF.qtp_didactics_synthesis = I know when to step in and conclude

QF.qtx_didactics_validation = How, when and who validates the conclusions are described QF.qtp_didactics_validation = We reach a consensus, our findings are valid or false

QF.qtx_didactics_general = The overall activity and what takes place, what are the expected benefits and other possibilities are described QF.qtp_didactics_general = The activity opens up to a broader context

QF.itx_implementation = I know how to set my class for this activity QF.itp_implementation = Typical scenario is described

QF.qtx_implementation_technical = The possible configurations (one computer per student or beamer or personal work) are described QF.qtp_implementation_technical = I am not left alone to choose an implementation

QF.qtx_implementation_roles = Different roles and phases are described QF.qtp_implementation_roles = First teacher showing at the beamer, then students with pen and paper, then...

QF.qtx_implementation_exchanges = The exchange of information, for conjectures, validations, conclusions are described QF.qtp_implementation_exchanges = I am showed how to let the students share their experiences

QF.qtx_implementation_schedule = A schedule of the activity is proposed QF.qtp_implementation_schedule = I am not taken by surprise on how long each phase takes

QF.itx_integration = I found easily a way to use this activity in my curriculum progression QF.itp_integration = The activity and its prerequisite fit well in the curriculum

QF.qtx_integration_investment = The activity benefits later in the classroom QF.qtp_integration_investment = They see how it relates to the subject

QF.qtx_integration_articulation = The activity relates easily with my usual teaching QF.qtp_integration_articulation = It doesn't feel out of place

QF.qtx_integration_helps = It helps to understand the mathematical notions at work QF.qtp_integration_helps = They remember what we did and it shows in the classroom

QF.qtx_integration_experiment = The experiments they made provide an introduction to the next topic QF.qtp_integration_experiment = The problems that arise motivate the progression

QF.itx_usability = The resource is user friendly and adaptable QF.itp_usability = I can glance through the resource and grasp what it is about.n The information presented is ok, and I can adapt it.

QF.qtx_usability_amount = The amount of information is satisfactory QF.qtp_usability_amount = There is just enough information, neither too much nor too few.

QF.qtx_usability_access = The information is clearly presented QF.qtp_usability_access = I find easily the needed information (learners' instructions, teachers' suggestions...).

QF.qtx_usability_adaptability = Elements of the resource can be modified to adapt it to one's needs QF.qtp_usability_adaptability = I can modify a question to ask to my pupils, rename points in the dynamic figure...