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Skills Text Box Editor, English

  1. type's labels
types_labels_competency = competency types_labels_topic = topic types_labels_level = level types_labels_competencyProcess = competency-process types_labels_abstractTopic = abstract topic types_labels_pureAbstractTopic = pure abstract topic types_labels_abstractTopicWithRepresentative = abstract topic with representative types_labels_text = text

  1. type's icons: typically use type-A.png, type-B.png (may need to be created)
types_icons_competency = type-C.png types_icons_topic = type-T.png types_icons_level = type-L.png types_icons_competencyProcess = type-P.png types_icons_abstractTopic = type-A.png types_icons_pureAbstractTopic = type-A.png types_icons_abstractTopicWithRepresentative = type-T.png types_icons_text = type-T.png

  1. hints about the elements of UI
buttonsErase =erase this element from the list tooltipClickToSeeMore = click to see more info tooltipShortDesc = identifier

tooltipToExplainSKBqueryField = This is Skills-text-box. Type a few words and choose node from pop-up to add them to the list. tooltipToExplainSKBsearchField = This is Skills-text-box. Type a few words and choose node from pop-up to search for it.

  1. label when empty so that people do not consider it white space (and so that it displays in MSIE and Safari)
emptyListLabel = List of nodes

editorTitle = Skills-Text-Box Editor

addSuggestionInvitation = Suggest this node for GeoSkills: addSuggestionBody= You are about to create a suggestion for an annotation term. Please describe your suggestion here; where it should be linked to, what it represents… This document will be reviewed and processed by the team of curriculum encoders which will then consider it. Once accepted, it will be possible to use this term as annotation.

label_curriculumTextsLink=curriculum texts searchFieldLabelInnerText=search...

searchWithTextLabel=Search for the text: searchWithTextTooltip=Search for these words in the resources' text. waitingWheelToolTip=Skills-text-box is fetching the suggested terms.

msieWarning = You seem to be running MicroSoft Internet Explorer; please be aware that it fails with some functions of the i2geo platform. We recommend you migrate to FireFox or Safari.