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Traces Bundle

# This document is used for the translations
# it overrides the default phrases
# Within a page, one can use such a message
# with \$msg.get("phrasename")

# Documents that need to be translated as well are:
# - /Main/WebHome
# - /Traces/WebHome
# for value-spaces:
# - all topics (mostly the title)
# - all licenses (mostly the title)
# In principle all sheets are multilingual.
# - juridictions?

registration.validate.failed.no_info=Completion of registration failed


traces.newTrace.label = New Trace
traces.newTrace.nameLabel = Name:
traces.newTrace.nameDefaultValue = new trace
traces.newTrace.createButton = Create
traces.newTrace.invalidTraceName = Entered Trace name is invalid. Currently only latin characters are allowed.
traces.newTrace.namingConvention = Notice: Currently only latin characters are allowed in Trace names

traces.dupTrace.label = Duplicate this trace
traces.dupTrace.nameLabel = Name:
traces.dupTrace.createButton = \ duplicate and edit\ 
traces.dupTrace.renameTrace = Please rename Trace before duplicating

traces.single.preTitle = i2geo Trace

traces.single.topHint = This is a page reporting about interactive geometry constructions candidate to enter the intergeo sharing process.

trsces.tracesYouCreated = Traces you created

traces.fields.Title = Title
traces.fields.Author = Author
traces.fields.License = License
traces.fields.Country = Country
traces.fields.Description = Description
traces.fields.Topic = Main topic:
traces.fields.OtherThemes = Other themes
traces.fields.level=Educational level
traces.fields.dgSystem = Geometry system
traces.fields.amount = Amount
traces.fields.language = Langue de la construction

traces.single.back = Back to
traces.single.backToWhat = intergeo traces
traces.single.edit = Edit this trace

traces.aboutLicenses  = more about licenses
traces.aboutTopics      = more about topics for first steps
traces.aboutSoftwares = more about interactive geometry softwares

## traces list
traces.list.thisIsTracesYourContrib = This is a list of traces with a given contributor.
traces.list.SeeYourContrib = See traces you contributed to.

traces.list.thisIsAll = This is the list of all traces.
traces.list.SeeAll = [See all traces. >]

traces.list.thisIsTracesProp = This is the list of traces of with a given value.

traces.list.findListAtValues = Find the list of traces at each value-space: [topics > Topics.], \
  [licenses > Licenses.], and [softwares > Softwares.]

traces.list.thisIsAllRecent = This is the list of recently updated traces.
traces.list.SeeAllRecent = [See recent traces. >Traces.WebHome]

## Quick links tab

quicklinks.title = Quick Links
quicklinks.traces = Traces
quicklinks.home = Home
quicklinks.index = Index
quicklinks.whatsNew = What's New = Blog
quicklinks.sandbox = Sandbox

## I2G new page panel 

i2gPanel.newTrace=New Trace
i2gPanel.newPage =New Page
i2gPanel.newSpace=New Space
i2gPanel.newBlogPost=New Blog Post
i2gPanel.remark=*New pages are created in current space

## translated resources to traces
this-resource-copied-from-trace = This Resource is Copied from a First-Steps Trace

coming-from-trace-which-mentioned-x-traces = Coming from trace [{0}] which mentioned {1} constructions.

make-this-a-resource=Make this trace a resource