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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

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#side panel panel.navigation.home=HOME panel.navigation.home.rollover=i2geo - Home

panel.navigation.find=FIND panel.navigation.find.rollover=Collect lesson plans and curricula panel.navigation.find.about=About Finding & Collecting panel.navigation.browse_by_subject=Browse Resources by Subject panel.navigation.browse_by_software=Browse Resources by Software panel.navigation.recent_resources=Recent Resources panel.navigation.advanced_search=Advanced Search panel.navigation.featured_resources=Featured Resources panel.navigation.reviewed_resources=Reviewed Resources

panel.navigation.contribute=CONTRIBUTE panel.navigation.contribute.rollover=Add or create something new panel.navigation.contribute.about=About Contributing panel.navigation.addresource=Add a Resource panel.navigation.addresource.rollover.member=Add your best curricular materials or create something new panel.navigation.addresource.rollover.visitor=i2geo members can add and create curricular materials Review System

panel.navigation.connect=CONNECT panel.navigation.connect.rollover=Collaborate with other educators panel.navigation.connect.about=About Connecting & Groups panel.navigation.memberrating=About Member Rating panel.navigation.viewAllGroups=View all Groups panel.navigation.featuredGroups=Featured Groups panel.navigation.featuredReviews=Featured Reviews panel.navigation.browseGroups=Browse Groups by Subject panel.navigation.createGroup=Create a New Group panel.navigation.usersMailingList=Users Mailing List panel.navigation.chatroom=Chatroom panel.navigation.blogs=Blogs panel.navigation.currikiblog=I2geo's Blog

panel.navigation.mycurriki=MY I2GEO panel.navigation.mycurriki.rollover=Access your member profile and much more panel.navigation.myprofile=My Profile panel.navigation.myfavorites=My Favorites panel.navigation.mycontributors=My Contributions panel.navigation.mycollection=My Collections panel.navigation.myblogs=My Blog panel.navigation.mygroups=My Groups panel.navigation.myreviews=My Reviews

panel.navigation.partners_sponsers=PARTNERS & SPONSORS panel.navigation.partners_sponsers.rollover=Learn about i2geo's partners and sponsors Consortium & Partners panel.navigation.sponsors=Sponsors panel.navigation.featured_partners=Featured Partners panel.navigation.partner_content=Partner Resources information, instructions, and tutorials about using i2geo panel.navigation.help_collection=Help Collection panel.navigation.tutorials=Tutorials panel.navigation.contact_us=Contact Us

panel.navigation.about_curriki=ABOUT I2GEO panel.navigation.about_curriki.rollover=Find information about i2geo: news, leadership, volunteering, and more panel.navigation.guided_overview=Overview panel.navigation.i2gactions=I2G Activities panel.navigation.DGSsoftwares=DGS software partners panel.navigation.guided_tour=Guided Tour panel.navigation.partner=Partner panel.navigation.publication=Publications panel.navigation.about_wp=Workpackages panel.navigation.conferences=Conferences panel.navigation.interconnections=Interconnections panel.navigation.i2g_contact=Participation panel.navigation.about_contributions=Contribution, Objectives, Outcomes panel.navigation.workpackages=Workpackages panel.navigation.faqs=FAQs panel.navigation.board=Board panel.navigation.leadership_team=Leadership Team panel.navigation.volunteer=Volunteer panel.navigation.donate=Donate to Us

panel.watchgrow.title=WATCH I2GEO GROW panel.watchgrow.resources=Resources: panel.watchgrow.members=Members: panel.watchgrow.groups=Groups: panel.watchgrow.join=Join Now!

header.altinfo=i2geo header.welcome=You are logged in as: {0} header.login_username=username header.login_password=password header.login_rememberme=Remember my login data header.login_forgot=I forgot my login data header.login_go=Login» header.becomemember_part1=Register header.becomemember_part2= header.browse_subjects=Browse Subjects header.advanced_search=Advanced Search header.search_go=Go» header.find_resource=Search or Browse i2geo header.admin=Administration page header.logout=Logout header.defaultsearchtext=Search for Competencies, Topics and Educational Levels header.browse_curriculum_texts = Browse Curriculum Texts header.currentlanguage= Current Language

panel.donate.title=Support this not-for-profit global education and learning community! panel.featuredmembers.members.count=members

panel.sponsors.title=SPONSORS panel.sponsors.text=This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners panel.featuredmembers.title=Featured Member content licensed Creative Commons

#general captions


readmore=Read More

caption.joinnow=Join Now! caption.joinUsNow=Join Now! caption.joinCurriki=Join i2geo! caption.joinCurrikiNow=Join i2geo Now! caption.register=Register caption.none=None

caption.worldOfEducationalResourcesAndCurriculum=i2geo is Your World of Educational Resources and Curriculum caption.worldOfEducationalResources=i2geo is Your World of Educational Resources

caption.member=Member caption.title=Title caption.resources=Resources

caption.results=Results caption.searchResults=Search Results

caption.contributeContent=Contribute Learning Resources caption.contribute=Contribute caption.contributeNow=Contribute Now! caption.searchContent=Search the Repository

caption.searchResources=Search Resources


caption.view=View resource caption.viewAll=View All caption.edit=Edit caption.print=Print caption.add=Add caption.addToCollection=Add to My I2geo caption.addResourceToThisCollection=Add to This Collection caption.delete=Delete caption.sendToAFriend=Email caption.linkToThePage=Link to This Page caption.NComments={0} Comment(s) caption.readmore=Read more… caption.hide=Hide caption.prev=Prev caption.previous=Previous

resource.view.favorite=Favorite resource.view.favorite_tooltip=Add this to My Favorites resource.view.add=Add resource.view.add_tooltip=Add this to a collection or folder resource.view.buildup=Build Up resource.view.buildup_tooltip=Add something to build up this collection or folder


asset.lastupdated=Last Updated asset.groupfrom=From asset.createdby=Created/Provided By asset.moreInformation=See Detailed Information asset.closeMoreInformation=Close Detailed Information asset.openToView=Detailed View asset.commentNotAllowed=You are not allowed to comment on this resource. asset.contentNotAllowed=This content is marked Private.

caption.aboutCurriki=About i2geo

caption.comingSoon=Coming Soon

caption.createAProfilToParticipate=Create a profile now to start participating in the i2geo community. It's free!


docs.privacyPolicy=Privacy Policy

caption.profile=My I2geo caption.myprofile=My Profile

caption.YES=YES caption.NO=NO



featured.resources.pageTitle = Featured Resources featured.resources.explain = Regularly, the i2geo team selects featured resources that show nice usage of interactive geometry or the platform. featured.resources.hereList = Here is a list of previously featured resources: featured.resources.wishing = Wishing a resource to become featured? Just drop a mail to

#Main.BlogRss blogRss.title=RSS Feed of the Wiki Blog blogRss.description=RSS Feed of the Wiki Blog


search.overload=Search is not available at this point due to the success of the i2geo Web site overloading our servers.


searchResources.rebuilding=Started index rebuild with {0} documents. Will take some time depending on the number of pages/attachments. searchResources.rebuildFailed=Index rebuild failed.

searchResources.searchTable.course=Course searchResources.searchTable.publishedDate=Published Date searchResources.searchTable.contributor=Contributor searchResources.searchTable.actions=Actions

searchResources.noResult=You search did not return matching resources. searchResources.error=Error loading search


sitemap.title=Provisional Site Map

#Panels.WelcomeToCurriki docs.browseSearch=Browse by Subject News docs.blogs=Staff Blogs docs.members=Members Home docs.donate=Donate to i2geo, your world of open source educational resources and curricula. who is supporting i2geo.

panels.welcomeToCurriki.login=If you already have an account you can log in using the following form:

panels.translation.title=Document translations panels.translation.editingOriginal=You are editing the original document ({0}). panels.translation.editingTranslation=You are editing the following translation: {0}. panels.translation.originalLanguage=The original language of the document is {1}. panels.translation.translate=Translate this document in: panels.translation.otherTranslations=Other translations: panels.translation.existingTranslations=Existing translations:


panels.myCurriki.title=My I2geo panels.myCurriki.myProfile=My Profile panels.myCurriki.myCollections=My Collections panels.myCurriki.myGroups=My Groups panels.myCurriki.myBlog=My Blog


panels.contribute.addContent=Add Content


myColls.title=My Collections and share collections with the community.


myColls.create=Create a New Collection myCurriki.assets.published=Published Learning Resources myCurriki.assets.create=Create a Learning Resource myCurriki.assets.unpublished=Unpublished Learning Resources myCurriki.contributions=My Contributions myCurriki.collections=My Collections myCurriki.blogs=My Blogs

myCurriki.collections.intro=Find collections created and linked to here. myCurriki.collection.create=Create a Collection

myCurriki.contributions.intro=Find up to 20 contributed resources here, and when there are more than 20, click 'View All' for a full listing. myCurriki.contributions.viewAll=View All Contributions


myBlogs.create=Create a Blog myBlogs.noBlog=No Blog myBlogs.viewAllEntries=View All Blog Entries myBlogs.title=My Blogs ({0})

myBlogs.usage=Find blog entries here. myBlogs.addArticle=Add an Entry myBlogs.addArticle.details=Enter the title of your entry, click on 'Add an Entry,' and follow the instructions. myBlogs.articleTitle=Entry Title myBlogs.noTitle=No Title


myBlog.title=My Blog myBlog.wantToCreateABlog=Would you like to create a blog? myBlog.onlyMemberCanCreate=Sorry, you must be a member to have a blog.

#XWiki.MyBlogSheet are some recent blog entries and musings from {0}.

myBlog.nextArticle=Next myBlog.previousArticle=Previous myBlog.continueReading=Continue Reading myBlog.addParamArticle=Add {0} Entry myBlog.paramEntries={0} Entries

myBlog.publishDetails=Posted by {0} on {1} in {2} myBlog.postedBy=Posted by {0} on {1} at {2} Pacific myBlog.permalink=Link to this Post

myBlog.editPost=Edit This Post myBlog.deletePost=Delete This Post

myBlog.createEntry=Create an Entry myBlog.editEntry=Edit "{0}"


blogArticle.field.title=Title: blogArticle.field.keywords=Keywords: blogArticle.field.content=Content: blogArticle.field.extract=Extract:

blogArticle.field.title.mandatory=Title cannot be empty. blogArticle.field.content.mandatory=Content cannot be empty.

blogArticle.commentsto={0} Comment(s) to "{1}" blogArticle.authorsays={0} Says:

blogArticle.commentsDate={0} at {1} Pacific


blog.staffInfo=Here are some recent blog entries and musings from i2geo staffers.


mycontribs.intro=Find up to 20 contributions listed below. mycontribs.title=Contributions


colls.infos=Find collections created and linked to here.

colls.description=Description: colls.last_edited=Last Edited: colls.subjects=Subject(s): colls.levels=Educational Level(s):

colls.addResource=Add a Resource colls.createCollection=Create a Collection

colls.numberOfCollsDisplayed={0} of {1} Collections Displayed


comments.accessDenied=Only other i2geo members can see and add comments. Please join the i2geo community, or log in. caption.saveComment=Save Comment

#MimeType.etc+compression+files+zip Files Files in This Window mimetype.flashdisplay.pause=Pause mimetype.flashdisplay.newwindow=Launch in a New Window mimetype.flashdisplay.flashcontenttext=This is a placeholder for the flash content.

default_collection=Default Collection

#This for the metadata header box in View

metadata.instructional_component_title2=Instructional Component Type

  1. Admin.EmailOptOut
emailoptout.pleasepass=Sorry, you must pass an email address to opt out of emails. emailoptout.norecord=Sorry, there is no record of that email address. emailoptout.errormultiple=An error occurred. This email address is associated with multiple accounts. emailoptout.removed=The email address {0} has been opted out of emails from i2geo. In the future, if you want to revert, please send a mail request to

  1. Errors if attempting to do a recursive add
addsubasset.recursive_add=You cannot add an asset to itself. addsubasset.recursive_add_message=You cannot add an asset to itself, or any sub-assets of itself.

  1. Curriki Currikulum Builder Loading page
ccb.title=i2geo Currikulum Builder

#VIDITalk integration viditalk.sitecode=8204167813

  1. TOC table of contents panel
curriki.toc.title=Table of Contents


browseSearch.rebuilding=Started index rebuild with {0} documents. Will take some time depending on the number of pages/attachments.

browseSearch.bySubject=Browse by Subject a subject to see a list of all the learning resources in that category. The number in parentheses shows how many matching results are on the site right now.

browseSearch.noResult=Your search did not return matching resources.

  1. Browse page
browse.titlebar=Browse Resources by Subject a subject to see a list of learning resources in that category. The number in parentheses shows all the resources indexed in our search engine. Start browsing them today!

browse.subject.title.Uncategorized=Uncategorized browse.subject.image.Uncategorized=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.Uncategorized=- browse.subject.title.All_Resources=All Resources #

# browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Arts=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Arts=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.VocationalEducation=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.VocationalEducation=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Education&Teaching=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Education&Teaching=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.EducationalTechnology=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.EducationalTechnology=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.ForeignLanguages=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.ForeignLanguages=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Health=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Health=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Information&MediaLiteracy=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Information&MediaLiteracy=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.LanguageArts=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.LanguageArts=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Mathematics=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Mathematics=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.Science=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.Science=-

browse.subject.image.FW_masterFramework.SocialStudies=/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Browse/ browse.subject.description.FW_masterFramework.SocialStudies=-


  1. Promo Card examples
browse.subject.title.promo_1=Romeo and Juliet Example browse.subject.image.promo_1=/xwiki/bin/download/XWiki/rmlucas/timespicturelargecropped.jpg browse.subject.description.promo_1=Text for Romeo and Juliet example

featuredGroups.intro=i2geo regularly features outstanding Groups. Want to learn more about Group capabilities, and maybe even create your own Group? Visit About Connecting & Groups and About Creating a Group.

  1. 404 Error Page
err_404_previous_page=Go to the previous page err_404_home_page=Go to the home page

#Class fields

  1. Keys for internationalizing RSS feed & other Intergeo's apps
rssRdf_new_user=new user rssRdf_new_resource=new resource rssRdf_profile_update=profile update rssRdf_updated=updated rssRdf_edited=edited rssRdf_by=by rssRdf_on=on rssRdf_title=Title rssRdf_description=Description

reviewedResources_Title=Recent reviews

chatroom.title=I2Geo's chatroom chatroom.instructions=

New users should choose a sensible identification such as "name.xx", write it in the nickname box, and click on "login". Type your messages in the lower area and press enter to send.

With some chance there may be a person to respond you. In case you wish to attract attention, you may "beep" a user named Santi by sending a message such as "@Santi: can you help me here?"

Remember that this is a public forum and that it might be recorded. All languages are allowed.


You might want to visit the chatroom and ask other users for help.

panel.navigation.reportabug=Report a bug reportabug.title = Report a bug reportabug.line1 = Thank you very much for reporting a problem in I2geo. Messages written in English, French, German or Spanish will be processed soon. reportabug.line2 = There are three ways you can proceed: reportabug.line3 = E-mail to, most recommended. Remember that attaching a screenshot or a video capture may be worth a thousand words. reportabug.line4 = Advanced users, or users with a particular interest in following the development of a solution, can create a new jira issue. reportabug.line5 = If you are not too sure whether what you have seen is an error, you can visit the chatroom and consult with other users. = Quick Intro Videos = click to start movie = = = Create a Simple
GeoGebra Resource = = = Filing a Review = = = How to find resources

panels.facebook-panel-header = Fan club

footer.privacypolicy = Privacy Policy = Help footer.contactus = Contact Us footer.licensed = All contents licensed Creative Commons footer.termsofuse = Terms of Service footer.copyright = Copyright Information = i2geo News news.welcome = Welcome to i2geo news. news.follow-i2geo-twitter = Follow i2geo on Twitter news.twitter-updates = Twitter Updates news.older-news = older news news.rss-stream-link = News as RSS stream = i2geo news = News of the i2geo platform and intergeo project.

  1. incription mail
registration.account-validation-alert = Sorry, your account is not validated, please click the link in the validation mail first.
n Please logout now. registration.emailSent=The first step in becoming an i2geo member is now complete.

registration.validation.mail.subject= i2geo Registration -- Action Needed registration.validation.mail.welcome= Thank you for becoming an i2geo member! registration.validation.mail.clicklink= Please click this link to complete registration. registration.validation.mail.nolink=If the link does not open your browser, please cut and past the link into your browser. registration.validation.mail.greets= - The i2geo Community

registration.confirmation.mail.sender= i2geo Confirmation registration.confirmation.mail.subject=Thank You for Joining i2geo registration.confirmation.mail.title= Thank you for joining i2geo -- the Global Geometry Sharing Platform! registration.confirmation.mail.text= As a member, you can collect learning resources to use in your educational activities, contribute to the community by posting your best learning resources or creating new ones, and connect with other educators in a group. Please take a look at the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using or contributing any resources so that you understand the guidelines for the site. registration.confirmation.mail.clicklink= On your next visit to i2geo, click your name in the site's header so you can add a photo and other details to your My i2geo member profile. registration.confirmation.mail.selectname= You have selected registration.confirmation.mail.loginname=as your login name. registration.confirmation.mail.forgot_pwd= If you forget your password, click the "I Forgot My Password" link on the login screen and we'll send you an email to help you log in. registration.confirmation.mail.thank=Thanks again for joining. We hope you enjoy the i2geo community!

announces.i2geoInCommunity.body =

Dear users of the platform:

The INTERGEO project is now concluded and it has provided a wealth of learning resources with dynamic geometry. We look forward to seeing the platform continuously used as it has been.

The contributions of users to the platform is what makes it live:

  • contribute reviews and comments on existing resources
  • make resources available
  • shoot a vignette to let the resource be seen
  • take part to the mailing-list

Be part of the community and benefit from high quality resources to enhance teaching and learning mathematics.

announces.i2geoInCommunity.summary=Dear users of the platform:
the inter2geo project is now concluded it has provided a wealth of learning resources with dynamic geometry. We look forward to seeing the platform continuously used as it has been.